Scandalous signing

Scandalous signing

BILOXI, Miss. - New ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer's contract signing was marred by scandal on Tuesday night. But the ECW Original returned to make a bold statement just days before he'll defend the Extreme Title on Raw's 3-For-All Monday.

The Hart Dynasty  def. Christian & Jack Swagger (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Two former Extreme Champions, Jack Swagger and Christian, interrupted ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer's moment in the spotlight Tuesday night, as Swagger demanded the ECW Original be stripped of his title and Christian insisted on a rematch. Before Dreamer could ink his ECW deal, he and Captain Charisma quieted "The All-American American" by tossing him out of the ring. But after Dreamer signed his way back into ECW, Christian threw him into the table in the ring, and their main event tag team match against The Hart Dynasty was nixed. Instead, ECW's interim General Manager, Tiffany, told Christian he'd have to team with Swagger instead. (WATCH: CONTRACT SIGNING | WATCH: DREAMER WINS AT EXTREME RULES)

Christian & Swagger were unable to put their differences aside when they faced The Hart Dynasty on Tuesday night. While Natalya distracted the referee, "The All-American American" stopped his tag team partner from hitting the Killswitch on Tyson Kidd, pulling him into the top rope, allowing The Hart Dynasty to hit The Hart Attack. Then, David Hart Smith pinned Captain Charisma for the victory. As The Hart Dynasty and Swagger brutally attacked Christian after the match, ECW Champion Dreamer ran into the ring. The ECW Original stopped the attack on Christian, by assaulting Swagger with a Singapore Cane, while Kidd, Hart Smith & Natalya retreated up the ring before Dreamer could get to them, too.

Dreamer will defend the ECW Championship against Christian on Monday's three-hour Raw 3-For-All. Will Christian reclaim the title, causing Dreamer's time as Extreme Champion to be short- lived? Or will the ECW Original continue to hold ECW gold? Watch Raw Monday at its special start time of 8/7 CT on USA Network.

Evan Bourne def. WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Evan "Air" Bourne beat the odds by defeating Mark Henry two weeks in a row on ECW, but WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas was determined to prove to The World's Strongest Man that he could crush the high-flying Superstar. This week, Bourne pinned Atlas after another amazing Shooting Star Press, angering Henry even more. Bourne's victory celebration was cut short when Henry attacked Bourne, laying him out with a World's Strongest Slam. Has Henry gotten the last laugh on Bourne? Or will Bourne return to continue to defeat The World's Strongest Man and his associate?

Vladmir Kozlov def. two local competitors (2-on-1 Handicap Match) (PHOTOS)
The Moscow Mauler returned to action on ECW Tuesday night, once again defeating two local competitors in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Kozlov has been unstoppable since arriving in the Land of the Extreme. Who will dare to face this dominant force next?

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