Chairman falling deeper and deeper into the abyss

Chairman falling deeper and deeper into the abyss

ORLANDO, Fla. -- As our fans saw on Raw Monday night, the loss of the ECW World Title at One Night Stand left Mr. McMahon unhinged. He was incoherent at times, eyes bulging one minute and then gazing off into oblivion the next minute. Tonight, he returned to ECW on Sci Fi and was focused on getting revenge on the man who was responsible for driving him to the brink of insanity, new ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley.

Mr. McMahon forced Lashley to face ECW Originals Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Balls Mahoney in a 3-on-1 Handicap Hardcore Match. The Originals had no choice but to compete in the match -- there was speculation that they would have faced the maniacal Chairman's wrath or possible firing if they refused.

The contest between Lashley and Dreamer, Sandman and Mahoney was a war. No one was afraid to use weapons, no matter how much respect they had for one another. Meanwhile, the Chairman seemed even more unstable than before, sitting in a rocking chair stone-faced. But perhaps most disturbing was his reaction when Lashley prevailed once again, foiling McMahon's attempt at retribution. Read the whole story …

One faction that sought retribution -- and possibly some redemption -- tonight was the New Breed. After losing a Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match to CM Punk, Dreamer & Sandman at One Night Stand, Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von & Matt Striker knew that tonight was possibly their last night as a unit because of the upcoming WWE Draft. Burke & Cor Von took on the Major Brothers, who upset Cor Von & Striker several weeks ago. The brother duo put up a courageous fight, but the New Breed leader and his enforcer overwhelmed them with a ferocious onslaught.

Striker was less successful than his teammates. ECW's resident teacher was determined to teach a lesson to New Breed nemesis CM Punk. But Striker -- whose less-than-stellar win-loss record has caused some tension between him and his New Breed brethren -- came up short against the Straightedge Superstar, who was saluted by his legion of fans who may have seen their hero for the last time on ECW on Sci Fi. Punk smiled and gazed in awe as the crowd at the Amway Arena chanted, "CM Punk! CM Punk!"

One former New Breed member who may be looking forward to the Draft is Kevin Thorn, who has left a bloody trail of destruction since he left the faction. Thorn has been looking for new blood, and whether he stays on ECW or is drafted to Raw or SmackDown, he is guaranteed to get it. Tonight, he continued his winning streak against Stevie Richards. The ECW pioneer gave the fanged freak everything he could handle, but Thorn ultimately overwhelmed him with his power and the Original Sin.

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