Dream big

Dream big

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Just days before Tommy Dreamer will face ECW Champion Christian and Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match at Extreme Rules, the ECW Original proved he's an Extreme force to be reckoned with, and he's not backing down from achieving his dreams.

ECW Champion Christian def. Tyson Kidd (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Moments after Dreamer thanked the WWE Universe, promising he'll return next week as the new ECW Champion, and Swagger boasted he'll once again hold the ECW Title because Dreamer is grasping at the little bit of glory he thinks he still has, ECW Champion Christian was victorious over Tyson Kidd. (WATCH) As Natalya and David Hart Smith lurked at ringside, watching their fellow Hart Dynasty member battle Captain Charisma, Swagger emerged to view the match. But Dreamer also appeared, knocking "The All-American American" and David Hart Smith to the ground as Christian and Kidd continued their conflict in the ring. The ECW Champion hit Kidd with the Killswitch for the victory, but as Captain Charisma celebrated the win, Dreamer shook his hand, then DDT'd him, much to the WWE Universe's surprise.

Dreamer has made his point -- he's determined to win the ECW Championship this Sunday at Extreme Rules. His contract is on the line, so if he doesn't win, his time in WWE is up. The ECW Original will compete against Christian and Swagger in his specialty -- a Hardcore Rules Match -- but does he have what it takes to once again be ECW Champion? Or will "The All-American American's" determination to prove ECW Champion Christian is a "cheater" give him the power to regain ECW gold? Or will Christian have the last laugh, again, on Swagger and finally send Dreamer packing? Tune in to Extreme Rules this Sunday at 8/7 CT, live on pay-per-view. (Extreme Rules Preview)

Tommy Dreamer def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS)
Dreamer picked up a hard-fought win against Paul Burchill on ECW on Sci Fi this week when the ECW Original defeated The Ripper  with a DDT. Dreamer will also face The Hart Dynasty's David Hart Smith on "WWE Superstars" Thursday night. Will the ECW Original earn another win and gain the momentum he needs to walk away ECW Champion Sunday night at Extreme Rules?

Evan Bourne def. Mark Henry (PHOTOS)
For the second week in a row, Evan Bourne has defied the odds and defeated Mark Henry, this time thanks to some unexpected "help" from WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas. After being tossed out of the ring by The World's Strongest Man, Atlas interfered, trying to pull "Air" Bourne from the top rope. The referee noticed, leading to Bourne's win by disqualification in this modern-day David & Goliath match up. A noticeably angry Henry berated his associate after the incident. Will Bourne continue to dominate Henry and Atlas on Tuesday nights? How will Atlas' actions affect the relationship between himself and The World's Strongest Man?

Zack Ryder def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Zack Ryder returned to the Land of the Extreme Tuesday, easily besting another local competitor. Ryder, who landed on ECW thanks to the 2009 WWE Supplemental Draft, showed no mercy against his opponent. Ryder has said he's come to ECW to make an impact. Will Ryder live up to his promise?

Finlay vows to return
The Man Who Loves to Fight told ECW's Gregory Helms that he reinjured his eye during his match against Jack Swagger on last week's "WWE Superstars." Finlay originally hurt his eye breaking up a fight between ECW Champion Christian and Tommy Dreamer on last week's ECW. The Fighting Irishman has vowed he'll be back to settle his unresolved issues with "The All-American American."

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