Extreme to the third power

Extreme to the third power

LOS ANGELES - With less than two weeks before Extreme Rules unleashes itself upon the WWE Universe the STAPLES Center stood witness to a monumental announcement which revealed ECW's contribution to the Extreme pay-per-view, as well as what one ECW Original agreed to do to make it happen.

Jack Swagger, David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd def. ECW Champion Christian & Tommy Dreamer (Handicap Match) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
In response to Jack Swagger's ongoing complaints of Christian "cheating" in their last two title matches and "The All-American American's" interference in the ECW Championship Match between Christian and Tommy Dreamer last week on "WWE Superstars," ECW General Manager Tiffany took Extreme action. She announced an ECW Championship Triple Threat Hardcore Match at Extreme Rules between the three volatile Superstars (Match preview). In order to take part in the match and finally get a "fair" opportunity at once more holding the gold above his head, Dreamer agreed to sign a one-day extension to his self-made deadline to win the Extreme title or go home for good. (VIDEO)

After the announcement, an aggressive Dreamer forcefully expelled both Swagger and Christian from the ring.

Later, Dreamer and Christian continued to show their frustration, as a heated disagreement in the back quickly escalated into a physical altercation. As Finlay was trying to break the two Superstars up, he was injured, making it impossible for him to compete in the main event. As a result, Dreamer and Christian had to face their a opponents in a Handicap Match.

In the explosive Match later that night, Swagger and The Hart Dynasty prevailed with a two on three advantage, with Swagger hitting the Gutwrench Powerbomb after throwing Christian into the unforgiving steel ring post.  Following the bell, Dreamer attacked Swagger, only to fall victim to the Hart Dynasty's Hart Attack.

Evan Bourne def. Mark Henry (Count-out) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
In the culmination of an action-packed match that pitted two of ECW's most polar-opposite Superstars against each other, "Air Bourne" claimed victory over Henry by the skin of his teeth, beating The World's Strongest Man and the count into the ring.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Two Local Athletes (Handicap Match) (PHOTOS)
The Moscow Mauler continued his destructive march through the Land of the Extreme, slaughtering two local athletes in a hard- hitting, one-sided Handicap Match.

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