Extreme Hart

Extreme Hart

CINCINNATI - With just three weeks until Extreme Rules, The Man Who Loves Fight sought retribution of the "Hart," while the ECW Champion showed a lack of respect to one former champion and tremendous respect to another.

David Hart Smith def. Finlay (PHOTOS | VIDEOS)
One week after David Hart Smith shocked the WWE Universe by attacking The Belfast Brawler in his match with Tyson Kidd, the son of The British Bulldog triumphed over Finlay with a devastating high-and-tight suplex. The returning Superstar achieved his edge thanks to a distraction from his fellow Hart Dungeon-trainees, Tyson Kidd & Natalya, allowing him to rattle his tough-as-nails opponent with a shot from Natalya's shoe. While warming-up for the match earlier in the evening with The Hart Trilogy, Hart Smith made the chilling statement he is better than his father ever was.

Jack Swagger attempts to commandeer the ECW ring (PHOTOS )
"The All-American American" proclaimed that ECW Champion Christian did not beat him at Judgment Day nor at Backlash, and that he wouldn't leave the squared-circle until he received justice. After ECW interim General Manager Tiffany threatened that if he didn't back down, he would never get a chance at the Extreme gold again, Swagger relented, shoving the emerging Captain Charisma off the ramp. As a result of his actions, the former ECW Champion was told to take the rest of the night off before he got in more trouble by the take-charge interim GM.

ECW Champion Christian def. Paul Burchill (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
After trying to shake off Swagger's damaging cheap shot during his entrance, Christian went on to heroically reign supreme over the tough-as-nails Paul Burchill with the help of the Killswitch

Afterward, Captain Charisma took issue with the fact that now he had beaten Jack Swagger twice, and still has unfinished business with Tommy Dreamer. He explained that while giving the ECW Original an opportunity at the Extreme title in Madison Square Garden three weeks ago, Swagger interfered, preventing a definite outcome. And with Dreamer's contract expiring in less than three weeks - and Dreamer's promise of retirement if he doesn't achieve ECW gold - Christian aimed to finish what they started rather quickly. In response, Tiffany decided to grant the champion's request, officially signing the match for "WWE Superstars" this coming Thursday. 

Zack Ryder def. local athlete (PHOTOS)
The confident Zack Ryder took a break from the gym long enough to defeat a local athlete with a unique but intense neckbreaker.

Vladimir makes an extreme statement (PHOTOS)
Using a determined mixture of English and Russian, The Moscow Mauler proclaimed that he will continue his vicious "march" through the Land of the Extreme.

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