Spirit of ECW Splashed

Spirit of ECW Splashed

PITTSBURGH -- ECW World Champion Mr. McMahon promised to crush the spirit of the original ECW when he changed his scheduled one-on-one encounter with Rob Van Dam into a 3-on-1 Handicap Match featuring himself, Shane McMahon and Umaga. Tonight on ECW on Sci Fi, the Chairman and his cronies may have gone a long way toward accomplishing that goal by decimating RVD.

Van Dam was the loudest among the Originals when they voiced their disgust over Mr. McMahon winning the ECW World Title at Backlash. RVD thought he would have the opportunity to salvage some of the Originals' legacy when he won the right to face McMahon following an Extreme Four Way Match last week.

But the diabolical Chairman-champ had a plan, and lured Van Dam into a match where he faced insurmountable odds. RVD battled valiantly against Shane and the Samoan Bulldozer. Just as he did in the Backlash Handicap Match against Bobby Lashley, Mr. McMahon spent most of the time in the corner, not tagging himself into the match except during the times it appeared the Original was ready to be pinned. But the numbers game caught up to RVD as he withstood a vicious splash and Samoan Spike from Umaga before he was ultimately pinned by the Chairman.

Dreamer and Sabu rushed from the locker room to help their fallen friend. As Mr. McMahon, his son Shane and the Samoan Bulldozer celebrated, RVD, Dreamer, Sabu, and our fans must have wondered whether the soul of ECW was really beginning to die. (WATCH)

Mr. McMahon may have been sending Lashley a message with the destruction of RVD. Under the stipulation put in place by the Chairman, Lashley will lose his rematch opportunity if he puts a hand on Mr. McMahon, Shane or Umaga without physical provocation. But Umaga's handler, Armando Estrada, was not included under that provision, and Lashley made him pay with a beating last week on ECW on Sci Fi.

This week, as Lashley was about to enter the arena, Estrada -- who was accompanied by police -- told him he was barred from the arena. At first, the former Army sergeant told Estrada that he was only there to apologize. But then with a smile on his face, Lashley said, "What the hell," and pushed Umaga's wheelchair-bound handler down a ramp. The former ECW World Champion then voluntarily surrendered to police as he told them to arrest him.

While the Chairman and Lashley showed each other they were preparing for Judgment Day, Elijah Burke sent a similar message CM Punk. The leader of the New Breed has wanted a piece of the straightedge Superstar ever since he embarrassed him and cost him a match against the Originals two weeks ago. As announced on ECW on Sci Fi, Burke will get a chance to face Punk at Judgment Day, live on pay-per-view on May 20.

But tonight, Burke dispatched his New Breed teammate Marcus Cor Von to soften up Punk -- and he may have succeeded. During the match, Cor Von targeted Punk's back and ribs. Punk battled through the pain and nearly snatched a victory over The Alpha Male. But Burke stopped Punk with a cheap shot to his ribs outside the ring. Cor Von pinned Punk after nearly cutting him in half with a thunderous Pounce. The Straightedge Superstar had to have X-rays taken on his ribs. (WATCH)

Burke continued to build some momentum for the New Breed later that night. Seething over the upset loss of his fellow New Breeders Cor Von and Matt Striker to the unknown Major Brothers last week, he was determined to show an apologetic Striker "how to get things done." Burke defeated Brian Major handily in singles competition with a face jam he calls the Elijah Experience.

So far, no one in ECW has been able to pin a loss on Snitsky since the deranged monster debuted in the Land of the Extreme. Snitsky continued his winning streak when he dismantled ECW Original Sandman.

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