Extreme lessons

Extreme lessons

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Still seething after his loss at Backlash, Chavo Guerrero was joined in the ring by his bodyguard, Bam Neely, to exact revenge on Kane tonight. While Guerrero & Neely picked up a win over the Big Red ECW Champion, turning the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior's" fortune in his favor, Colin Delaney was again unlucky in the Land of the Extreme on Tuesday.

Delaney, who is still seeking a WWE contract, was in Tommy Dreamer's corner when he faced Mike Knox. While the ECW Original picked up a tag team win against Knox last week, he had one thing on his mind: revenge. Dreamer was looking for retribution for Knox's attack last week, and for Knox's decimation of Delaney the week prior. But when youngster Delaney distracted Dreamer during this week's match, Knox was able to come out on top again when he threw Delaney into the steel stairs, then pinned the ECW Original for the win.

Next week on ECW's 100th episode, down-on-his-luck Delaney will face General Manager Armando Estrada for a coveted ECW contract. Will Estrada just add to Delaney's list of beatings, or will the youngster's dreams finally come true? (WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

One ECW Superstar whose dreams continue to come true week after week is Kofi Kingston. The Jamaican Superstar met Shelton Benjamin for the second week in a row on ECW and continued his winning streak. If the Gold Standard can't stop the undefeated Kingston in two tries, who will?

There was a lesson to be learned this week on ECW, and Mick Foley was the student in Matt Striker's Classroom. When Your Teacher questioned SmackDown's new color commentator's knowledge of wrestling technicalities, Foley had a lesson of his own for Striker: Mr. Socko. The Hardcore Legend exited the classroom with some familiar parting words for Your Teacher: "Have a nice day!" (WATCH)

Also on Tuesday night, Chuck Palumbo drove his custom chopper to the Land of the Extreme where he met Mr. Money in the Bank, CM Punk. Palumbo backed the Straightedge Superstar into the corner of the ring and would not listen to the referee's five-count, leading to Punk's win by disqualification. After the bell, Punk attacked Palumbo, but the motorcycle-riding Superstar leveled Mr. Money in the Bank.

Finally, the rivalry between Chavo Guerrero and ECW Champion Kane was relit on ECW on Sci Fi during a non-title Handicap Match. Guerrero's bodyguard, Bam Neely, made an impressive in-ring debut, but it was Guerrero who picked up the win over the Big Red Machine. (WATCH) More on this story…

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