Pre-Backlash brawl

Pre-Backlash brawl

LONDON -- The official contract signing for the ECW Championship Match at Backlash turned into a brawl in Great Britain on this week's ECW on Sci Fi. After Christian and ECW Champion Jack Swagger inked their contract for this Sunday's match, The All-American American Gutwrench Powerbombed Captain Charisma, sending a strong statement just days before Backlash. But the Extreme action didn't end there -- ECW kicked off with an unexpected battle between a Diva and a leprechaun!

Hornswoggle def. Natalya (PHOTOS)
While Hornswoggle was offering his thanks to the WWE Universe for supporting him on ECW on Sci Fi before being drafted to Raw, Tyson Kidd and Natalya interrupted. The mischievous leprechaun bit the Diva on the derriere, prompting her to challenge him to a match immediately. Once interim General Manager Tiffany made the match official, Natalya taunted Hornswoggle in the ring. Then, Finlay knocked Kidd off the ring apron, causing a distraction, leading to Hornswoggle's victory over the Diva with a schoolboy roll-up.

The lucky leprechaun left the Land of the Extreme with a smile on his face, defeating one of WWE's toughest Divas during his last match before moving to Monday nights. But Natalya & Kidd weren't too happy about the match's result, and demanded Tiffany take action. The interim GM announced Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Tyson Kidd & Natalya on "WWE Superstars" Thursday at 8/5 PT.

Evan Bourne def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Since returning from injury, Evan "Air" Bourne has been soaring to new heights on ECW on Sci Fi, this week defeating Paul Burchill. Despite having his devious sister, Katie Lea, at ringside, and dominating the majority of the match, Burchill succumbed to another perfect Shooting Star Press by Bourne. With the WWE Universe behind Bourne, will anyone be able to stop this high-flying Superstar?

Vladimir Kozlov def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH KOZLOV)
The Moscow Mauler has arrived in the Land of the Extreme in search of new competition. Since the WWE Draft, Vladimir Kozlov has been steamrolling opponents, quickly and easily defeating another local competitor this week. The Moscow Mauler has been unleashed on Tuesday nights. Who will dare to step up and face Kozlov next?

Official contract signing for the ECW Championship Match at Backlash (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Under the watchful eye of interim ECW General Manager Tiffany, No. 1 contender Christian and ECW Champion Jack Swagger signed the contract to face each other this Sunday at Backlash. Swagger taunted a quiet Captain Charisma, saying that while he won the Elimination Chase to Backlash, The All-American American leads a pack of bigger, stronger and faster new Superstars on ECW. But Christian pointed out that while he didn't have much to say to Swagger, he plans to make The All-American American the biggest, strongest, fastest ex-ECW Champion in history this Sunday at Backlash. Then, an angry Swagger threw his ECW Championship at Christian, knocking him over, and Gutwrench Powerbombed him through the table in the ring, turning the Official Contract Signing into an all-out brawl at the close of ECW on Sci Fi.

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