Union Jacked

Union Jacked

LONDON -- ECW on Sci Fi took a field trip to the United Kingdom this week, and in front of a capacity crowd of more than 17,000 inside London's O2 Arena, it was the Brothers of Destruction -- ECW Champion Kane & World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker -- who stood united in defeating WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison in a non-title bout.

Since winning their respective titles at WrestleMania XXIV, Kane & Undertaker have taken on all comers -- including each other. But in London, our U.K. fans were in for a treat as the brothers teamed up for the first time ever in ECW to take on perhaps the top twosome in WWE, Miz & Morrison.

Prior to the match, the Chick Magnet and Shaman of Sexy formulated a game plan -- divide and conquer. Unfortunately, it was the WWE Tag Team Champions who were divided in the early going, as the Brothers of Destruction took out their aggression on the stars of WWE.com's Dirt Sheet.

Miz & Morrison finally found their opening when Miz clipped Kane's left knee, allowing the champions to work on the 7-footer's damaged limb. But, the team only got halfway through their plan before the ECW Champion fended off the attack and tagged his brother to a raucous reaction. When The Phenom stepped into the ring, it was the beginning of the end for the "Tuesday Night Delight" and his teammate.

Following a brief offensive flurry, Kane rejoined the fray, helping his brother hoist Miz & Morrison up for simultaneous chokeslams that nearly drove the champions through the mat. With the Chick Magnet out of commission, The Deadman hoisted Morrison over his shoulder and dropped him with a vicious Tombstone Piledriver; three seconds later, the WWE Tag Team Champions were headed back to the Palace of Wisdom with a mark in the loss column.

In their very first trip to the Land of the Extreme as a tandem, Undertaker & Kane proved that they are focused and ready for their title defenses at Backlash. But with a bout with Batista looming on Friday Night SmackDown for The Phenom -- not to mention Backlash challengers Edge & Chavo Guerrero and the rest of the familia looming over their shoulders constantly -- will the Brothers of Destruction be able to avoid the road to self-destruction?

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