Tables, Helmets and Champions

Tables, Helmets and Champions

CHICAGO -- ECW General Manager Armando Estrada found himself inspired by this week's WrestleMania Rewind edition of Raw, as WWE's three brands were represented in one ring. Looking ahead to WrestleMania XXIV, Estrada announced that Superstars from Raw, SmackDown and ECW will compete in a special 24-Man Battle Royal on March 30. But there's a twist.

"Immediately following that match, the winner will face Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship," Estrada announced. More…

Who will earn a chance at ECW gold? One participant in the WrestleMania XXIV 24-Man Battle Royal will be The Great Khali, who faced ECW Original Stevie Richards on Tuesday night. After Khali quickly picked up the win, Mike Knox entered the ring. In a scene reminiscent of last week's WWE Mobile on AT&T Exclusive, Knox viciously attacked Richards, leaving him battered in the middle of the ring.

In other Extreme action, CM Punk qualified for the WrestleMania XXIV Money in the Bank Ladder Match by defeating Big Daddy V. During an impressive showing before his hometown crowd, Punk nearly lifted the 500-pounder for a GTS, but his knees buckled under the weight. After a strong fight against the giant, Big Daddy V ended up outside of the ring, leading to Punk's win via count-out. Before celebrating with his fellow Chi-Town natives, Punk got his trademark GTS in, but against a furious Matt Striker, who was livid the Straightedge Superstar won the spot in the Money in the Bank Match. More…

Also on ECW, The Miz & John Morrison retained WWE Tag Team gold for the second week in a row, this time in an Extreme Rules Match on Tuesday night. Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delaney's shopping cart full of Extreme Rules props -- including a Chicago Bears helmet and a garbage can -- weren't enough to earn tag team gold when The Miz & Morrison each kept a foot on the ropes while pinned. Then, the champs drove Dreamer through a table and Miz picked up the pin to retain the gold against their underdog challengers.

Later that night, Kofi Kingston kept his momentum alive in a match against Deuce. Talk about trouble in paradise -- Domino and Cherry rooted for Deuce from ringside, but their cheers fell on deaf ears as Kingston remained undefeated.

Finally, Elijah Burke thought he could tackle the monster Festus becomes once the bell rings. No such luck for Burke, as Festus' rage was ignited at the sound of the bell, leading to another win.

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