Rattlesnake's venomous visit

Rattlesnake's venomous visit

Glass broke, beer cans got cracked and all hell was raised in the Land of the Extreme as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin made his first-ever appearance on ECW on Sci Fi.

Trumping Mr. McMahon's surprise appearance on ECW on Tuesday night, the Battle of the Billionaires special guest referee promised to be present at the contract signing between Donald Trump and the WWE Chairman this coming Monday on Raw. (WATCH)

Just before throwing back several six-packs with the ECW Die Hards, Austin explained that he will have no bias at WrestleMania 23 because he doesn't like Mr. McMahon, Trump or any billionaire. He also said he has no problem dropping a Stunner on Lashley or Umaga if he needs to. Ultimately, the Texas Rattlesnake "guaran-damn-teed" that be it the Chairman or "The Donald," he will make sure that a billionaire will leave Ford Field bald on April 1.

Less than 24 hours after Stone Cold was revealed as the referee for the Battle of the Billionaires, the WWE Chairman came to ECW on Sci Fi with a purpose on Tuesday night. Just as he had on SmackDown the week before, Mr. McMahon came to offer Donald Trump's representative Bobby Lashley the opportunity to back out before WrestleMania 23. Demanding Lashley's apology as well, the Chairman audaciously replayed -- numerous times -- the SmackDown footage of him slapping the ECW World Champion. (WATCH)

This exposition came to a close, however, as a cool, unfazed Lashley confronted the maniacal McMahon in the middle of the ECW ring. As the champion extended his hand to the egocentric Chairman, it seemed Lashley was actually making a deal with McMahon and backing out of the WrestleMania clash. Suddenly, the ECW World Champion's expression changed from a warm smile to a hostile, intense glare and the handshake between the two turned into a painful encounter for McMahon, who was brought to his knees.

"If you ever, ever lay a hand on me again, I will break you in half," said a fierce Lashley to the agonized Chairman.

With the "Biggest Spectacle of Them All" being just three weeks away, the stakes were raised in the conflict between the ECW Originals and the New Breed. After Rob Van Dam Five-Star Frog Splashed his way through the brash Elijah Burke, Tommy Dreamer laid down an emotional challenge to the New Breed at WrestleMania 23. In an Eight-Man Tag Team Match, Dreamer, RVD, Sandman and Sabu will collide with Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn and Elijah Burke live in Detroit on April 1. (WATCH)

Before they head to WrestleMania, it seems the New Breed might be attempting to add some recruits to their ranks. Prior to his match with RVD, Elijah Burke tried to persuade Money in the Bank participant CM Punk to align with the New Breed. Though Punk didn't appear interested in this proposal, it looks as if the services of the straightedge Superstar are a hot commodity in the Land of the Extreme.

Also on ECW on Sci Fi, the deranged Snitsky continued to ravage the ECW roster. After Hardcore Holly secured a decisive victory over Balls Mahoney, Snitsky stormed the ring just as he has for the past several weeks. The monstrous competitor proved to have no allegiance to anyone as he set his sights on the wily Alabaman, nearly decapitating Holly with a big boot.

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