Sense of entitlement

Sense of entitlement

CLEVELAND -- Gold remained around familiar waists on Tuesday night, leaving hopeful Superstars with missed opportunities … but perhaps only for now.

In the evening's first contest, WWE Tag Team Champions John Morrison & The Miz put their titles on the line in a rematch, still reeling from their loss to Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delaney the previous week. Vowing not to fall to the ECW Original and the young athlete again, Morrison & The Miz followed through on their promise and left the arena the same way they went in: As champions. (WATCH)

Though discouraging to Delaney who is fresh off his first taste of victory, the defeat may serve as motivation next week for his championship rematch. For now, Colin has only this loss to think about, which came when he and Dreamer were disqualified on his account. Next Tuesday, however, Dreamer & Delaney will face the WWE Tag Team Champions in an Extreme Rules Match, allowing Delaney to use whatever he wants and giving the challengers an advantage thanks to the ECW Original's experience. See Delaney & Dreamer in a exclusive video

Following the WWE Tag Team Championship Match, Stevie Richards aimed to prove he can compete on a level better than the one he left off from. Despite returning from nine months of recovery due to throat surgery, the ECW Original had been able to enjoy three wins in a row. That streak came to a halt when he faced the self-proclaimed "Gold Standard" of ECW, Shelton Benjamin. Still, if Richards can endure serious surgery, he surely can endure a tough loss. As for Benjamin, he has enjoyed a great deal of success since joining the Land of the Extreme, and nobody has been able to slow him down, let alone stop him. The night marked one week closer that Benjamin is to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.

The hottest confrontation of the night came when Layla tried to put Kelly Kelly in her place, in the locker room. After the blond bombshell called her rival a liar when she claimed she was once asked to model for Playboy, Layla slapped her and the two commenced in a fierce catfight. Kofi Kinston, along with ECW officials, separated the Divas, but it's hard to imagine they are done settling their differences.

In other action, Kane defeated James Curtis, but did so with an extra spectator in the audience. Chuck Palumbo circled the ring, stalking the Big Red Machine during the contest. After reeking plenty of havoc on his former friend Michelle McCool and Jamie Noble on SmackDown, what could be Palumbo's intentions?

ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero enjoyed proving himself once again in the main event when he successfully defended his title against CM Punk. The Straightedge Superstar doesn't plan to stop trying, though, until that gold is secure on his body. (WATCH) More on this story …

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