Punk posing a threat

Punk posing a threat

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Maintaining the determination that's earned him an ECW Title reign before, CM Punk endured two top-caliber Superstars to get to one gold- bearing rival next week: Chavo Guerrero. At the end of the night, the "Mexican Warrior" looked on at his future challenger with disdain, but next week, they will lock eyes inside the same ring for the ECW Championship. (WATCH)

Before the Straightedge Superstar could earn the right to lock up with the same man who defeated him for the title just one month ago, Punk needed to trump both Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin on Sci Fi. In a fast-paced, exceptional display of three extremely athletic competitors' skills, CM Punk, the "Guiding Light" and the "Gold Standard" collided in a Triple Threat Match with a golden opportunity on the line. The added twist to their encounter: ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero had an ideal view, perched beside Joey Styles and Tazz at the announce table.

Just one week after a tag team collision involving the trio of No. 1 contender hopefuls and "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, it was every Superstar for himself in a high-stakes three-way dance. For the first time ever, fans were treated to a unique in-ring exchange between Benjamin and Burke, the individual responsible for bringing the Gold Standard to ECW. It also presented an opportunity for Punk and Benjamin -- two of ECW's most gifted competitors -- to collide for the first time since the cry of "ain't no stoppin' me now" echoed in the Land of the Extreme.

With unwavering tenacity and skill, CM Punk scored the victory by landing his GTS on the Experience. His win, however, instantly prompted Guerrero to propel himself from commentary to the ring where his taunts aimed to get inside the head of his familiar challenger. But, after Chavo was dunked in the Gulf of Mexico and guitar-smash serenaded by Punk weeks ago, it may not be possible to hinder the Straightedge Superstar's focus.

The enduring saga between Punk and the "Mexican Warrior" will add the next installment on the next ECW on Sci Fi -- and the Land of the Extreme's richest prize is at stake. The champion may have gotten the best of Punk the last time they met at No Way Out, but no one will soon forget Chavo's series of losses to his tattooed rival. (WWE.com exclusive video)

Can CM Punk reclaim the title he has so deeply craved and fought to regain? Or will Guerrero suppress the Straightedge Superstar's championship quest, for good? Tune in to the next ECW on Sci Fi, live Tuesday night at 10/9 CT.

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