Swagger of a Champion

Swagger of a Champion

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Music City was playing the tune of "The All-American American" on Tuesday night as Jack Swagger remained ECW Champion after defeating Christian on ECW on Sci Fi. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

Captain Charisma made a victorious return to the Land of the Extreme, defeating Swagger twice in singles action and again in a tag team match. But when it came time to defend his ECW Title, "The All-American American" picked up an important victory against Christian when it counted most.

Through a hard-fought battle against the experienced Christian, the arrogant, young Superstar proved again why he's the new face of the Extreme franchise. Christian's injured left shoulder and arm were his downfall as Swagger hit him with the gutwrench powerbomb and pinned him for the win. It was Swagger's third title defense, and again he came up victorious.

Will Christian challenge "The All-American American" again for the ECW Title? Will any Extreme Superstar be able to stop the Swagger of the ECW Champion?

Mark Henry def. DJ Gabriel (PHOTOS)
With WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in his corner, Mark Henry put an end to DJ Gabriel's undefeated streak on Tuesday's ECW on Sci Fi. The World's Strongest Man dominated the dancing Superstar throughout most of the match. Despite some fancy footwork by Gabriel, who was cheered on by Alicia Fox at ringside, Henry delivered a devastating World's Strongest Slam to the ECW newcomer and received the victory. How will Gabriel recover from his first loss? Who will be the next target for the World's Strongest Man?

Tyson Kidd def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Tyson Kidd continued his winning streak on ECW on Sci Fi -- picking up his third victory in a row against a local competitor. With Natalya in his corner, Kidd once again showed off the skills he learned from Bret "Hit Man" Hart in the Hart Family Dungeon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Tyson pinned his opponent after springboarding himself over the top rope into a flying elbow drop. Kidd is making a strong impression in the Land of the Extreme. What will the new ECW Superstar do next? And what's the story behind Kidd's eccentric hair? (Read more on Kidd's hair | New photos of Tyson and Natalya)

Tommy Dreamer def. Paul Burchill (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Determined to prove he still belongs in ECW, Tommy Dreamer defeated Paul Burchill this week, but with a little help from Boogeyman. After Dreamer missed a baseball slide when Katie Lea repositioned her brother on the ropes, the Diva was pulled under the ring by the Superstar from the Bottomless Pit. While Paul Burchill was distracted by the attack on his sister, Dreamer hit the British Superstar with a DDT and pinned him for the victory. Dreamer has vowed to walk away from WWE if he doesn't win the ECW Championship before his contract expires in June. What will the ECW Original do to become the king of Extreme? Why is Boogeyman focusing his efforts on Katie Lea?

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