Hope floats for CM Punk

Hope floats for CM Punk

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Hope floats for CM Punk as the No. 1 contender to the ECW Title sunk ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero in the first-ever Gulf of Mexico Match in sports-entertainment history. The Straightedge Superstar had a great view of the Mexican coast, as CM Punk peered at his submerged rival floating in the Gulf of Mexico and looked ahead to his approaching title opportunity at No Way Out. (WATCH)

Last week, a masquerading Punk turned Chavo's celebratory fiesta into a siesta by landing a guitar over the champion's brow. This week, the title-hunting CM Punk addressed the sold-out arena in Corpus Christi, Texas, by demanding a championship rematch against Guerrero later in the night.

Oozing into the arena, Chavo glazed over CM Punk's immediate championship challenge and assured the Straightedge Superstar that he would receive his rematch live on pay-per-view at No Way Out. But to retaliate for the previous week's embarrassment, the ECW Champion explained that he and a close friend of the "Guerrero family," ECW General Manager Armando Estrada, colluded to create a unique contest between the enemies for ECW on Sci Fi.

In a truly rare encounter, Punk would need to dunk the champion in the Gulf of Mexico to be named the winner -- and that's exactly what he did. The two began their exchange of offense in the ring, then soon struggled out of the American Bank Center where they battled waterside. Enduring a torrent of blows from the champion and a near suplex into the murky depths, Punk fought back with a GTS that sent his foe off the ledge and into the Gulf with a splash.

After turning Chavo into an ECW Cham-piñata last Tuesday then pinning Guerrero in tag action on SmackDown, the tattooed ECW Superstar continued his successful campaign to reclaim the gold this week.

How will CM Punk carry this momentum into the coming weeks on Sci Fi? Continue to catch ECW on Sci Fi Tuesdays at 10/9 CT. And watch the historic Gulf of Mexico Match again, exclusively on WWE.com's ECW X-Stream.

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