Losing his Swagger?

Losing his Swagger?

ST. LOUIS -- Finlay defeated ECW Champion Jack Swagger, handing the champion his first-ever loss in singles competition in WWE. Last week, the Fighting Irishman also got the better of the champion by smashing him in the head with his own title. (Recap) But, Swagger will have an opportunity for revenge when he defends his title against Finlay at No Way Out. (Match preview)

Finlay def. ECW Champion Jack Swagger (Non-title) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Finlay's tenacity paid off in a non-title encounter with the undefeated young ECW Champion Jack Swagger. As both Superstars waged war, the Belfast Brawler received a helping hand from his son, Hornswoggle, who smashed Swagger in the ankle with a shillelagh. The Fighting Irishman capitalized, hitting Swagger with a clothesline followed up by a Celtic Cross for the victory.

Paul Burchill def. Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS)
Despite vocal support from the WWE Universe, Tommy Dreamer could not stop Paul Burchill, who dropped Dreamer with a hard-hitting neckbreaker. To add insult to injury, World Tag Team Champions John Morrison and The Miz came out to the ring to verbally assault the ECW Original after his loss. After a series of insults saying the champion should hang it up, things got really ugly when The Miz told Dreamer, "The only people that want to see you less than this audience is your wife and kids."

Dreamer immediately attacked the self-proclaimed "chick magnet," knocking him to the canvas and delivering a series of punches. But, Morrison quickly got involved which lead to an ugly two-on-one attack, ending with The Miz dropping Dreamer with a Reality Check and stomping on his chest while he was down.

Boogeyman def. Jamie Noble (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Making his first appearance on ECW after being drafted to Raw, Jamie Noble told ECW General Manager Theodore Long that he was there to "save the show," now that Matt Hardy has moved to SmackDown. But Noble's confidence proved no match for the 263-pound ghoulish Superstar from the Bottomless Pit. Despite the loss, Noble was able to salvage the night by escaping the ring quickly without being forced to eat worms. So, The Boogeyman took advantage of the situation and did what was only natural -- devour his slimy bag of worms himself.

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