Change is in the air

Change is in the air

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon made a special appearance on ECW on Syfy Tuesday night to address the WWE Universe and announce plans for a brand new program coming to WWE!

Mr. McMahon addresses the future of ECW (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In an historic moment, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon told the WWE Universe about his future plans for ECW on Syfy. In three weeks, ECW will end, but a brand new, innovative, never-before-seen program will premiere in the same Tuesday night timeslot, 10/9 CT, on Syfy. McMahon said it'll be "the next evolution of WWE; the next evolution of television history."

"The Abraham Washington Show" with ECW Champion Christian (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Abraham Washington returned to ECW on Syfy this week with a special guest -- ECW Champion Christian. Captain Charisma -- who now holds his title longer than any other Superstar or Diva in WWE -- joined the critically-acclaimed talk show to discuss his giant win over Ezekiel Jackson Sunday at Royal Rumble. But Christian's celebration was cut short by none other than ECW's self-proclaimed "Heart and Soul Superhero of ECW," Zack Ryder, and his girlfriend, Rosa Mendes. The Long Island Loudmouth told Christian he isn't the biggest newsmaker of the week, Gregory Helms is.

Gregory Helms attacked (PHOTOS | WATCH)
While questioning Ezekiel Jackson about his loss to ECW Champion Christian at Royal Rumble, Gregory Helms was tormented by Big Zeke and his associate, William Regal. Instead of answering Helms' questions, the ruthless duo attacked the interviewer, taunting him about his "rough week." Luckily for Helms, Christian emerged in his defense.

ECW Champion Christian vs. Zack Ryder (No Contest) (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After their explosive confrontation during "The Abraham Washington Show" earlier in the evening, ECW Champion Christian met Zack Ryder in the main event. While many in the WWE Universe hoped to see this rivalry settled in a singles non-title contest, the match ended without a clear winner. Christian came close to a victory after hitting Ryder with the Killswitch. But William Regal and Ezekiel Jackson -- the latter whom Captain Charisma defeated at Royal Rumble -- interrupted the match, attacking Christian. Outnumbered, the ECW Champion was savagely assaulted when Regal nailed him with a Running Knee Trembler and Jackson tossed him into the steel stairs. How will Christian retaliate against Big Zeke and Regal's attack?

Vance Archer def. Shelton Benjamin (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Rivals Vance Archer and Shelton Benjamin finally met again in singles action this week on ECW on Syfy. Fresh off his appearance Sunday at Royal Rumble, Benjamin looked poised to finally gain retribution against his nemesis, Archer, who brutally attacked him last week on ECW. But it was Archer who stole a win, as the WWE official didn't see his legs leveraged on the ropes while he pinned The Gold Standard. With the tension between Archer and Benjamin at an all-time high, the WWE Universe is left to wonder who'll win this battle. How will Benjamin fight back against his rival? Will Archer continue his "masterpiece of agony" on ECW?

Yoshi Tatsu def. Trent Barreta (PHOTOS | WATCH)
For the second week in a row, Yoshi Tatsu sealed Trent Barreta's fate with just one electric kick. With his mentor and friend, Goldust, in his corner, the Japanese Superstar earned another victory over newcomer Barreta, whose tag team partner, Caylen Croft, could only stand at ringside and witness Barreta argue the WWE official's call before being shocked by Tatsu's final kick. What's next for Tatsu & Goldust, and Barreta & Croft? Will the Cardiac Kid's winning streak against Barreta continue?

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