Extreme changes

Extreme changes

CLEVELAND - The fallout from Royal Rumble carried over into the Land of Extreme - and across the skull of its champion. (WATCH)

On ECW on Sci Fi, the WWE Universe learned the shocking news that former ECW Champion Matt Hardy will move to SmackDown, while current title holder, Jack Swagger, found the weight of the gold a heavier burden to carry than he may have anticipated.

Matt Hardy moves to SmackDown (PHOTOS)
ECW General Manager Theodore Long kicked off ECW by dropping bombshell news that former ECW Champion Matt Hardy will become part of SmackDown. The move comes after Hardy's stunning betrayal of his own brother, former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy, at Royal Rumble. (Royal Rumble Photos | Full story). According to Long, Hardy asked for his release and the GM OK'd the move to Friday nights.

Finlay knocks out Swagger (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The new face of the franchise, ECW Champion Jack Swagger, planned to celebrate his successful Royal Rumble title defense against Matt Hardy (Royal Rumble Photos | Full story) on ECW. But, Swagger's celebration was only missing one thing - his own title. Swagger and ECW Assistant GM Tiffany tried to uncover who may have taken the title, but had no luck until Finlay revealed it was a mischievous Hornswoggle who took it. When Hornswoggle tried to give Swagger back his title - at his father, Finlay's urging - he was viciously shoved to the canvas by the champion. An enraged Belfast Brawler retaliated, knocking Swagger out with his own title.

Finlay def. Paul Burchill (PHOTOS)
Before Finlay crashed Swagger's party, he took on Paul Burchill in singles competition. After an impressive Royal Rumble Match performance - lasting almost 30 minutes and longer than any other ECW Superstar - Finlay was looking to carry that momentum to the Land of  the Extreme. The Fighting Irishman did just that, taking care of business against Burchill with a powerful Celtic Cross.

Mark Henry def. Tommy Dreamer (PHOTOS)
Tommy Dreamer has set a lofty goal for himself - win the ECW Championship by June 6. The ECW Original is not backing down from any challenge as he pursues his goal, including 393-pound World's Strongest Man Mark Henry. Despite Dreamer's ambition, he proved no match for the World's Strongest Slam.

The Boogeyman vs. Ricky Ortiz (No Contest) (WATCH) (PHOTOS)
This one was over before it started. As Ortiz entered the ring, he was attacked and driven out of the ring by his opponent from the Bottomless Pit. Ortiz never re-entered the ring, instead choosing to back away and exit up the ramp. One has to wonder if Ortiz knew his wormy fate and opted for a much cleaner way to end the encounter?

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