Premature rumblings

Premature rumblings

In what could very well be a preview to Sunday's ECW World Title Match at the Royal Rumble, Bobby Lashley got the best of Test live on ECW on Sci Fi. A fiery ECW World Champion sent a brutal message to the Impact Player just days before their championship encounter at the Rumble.

Following the Impact Player's ruthless and brain-rattling assault on Bobby Lashley with the champion's own title, the ECW World Champion was intent on retaliation. The "Most Ruthless Competitor in ECW" attempted to use the exposed steel beneath the turnbuckle pad, as well as a steel chair to floor the champion. Lashley, however, avoided these tactics and ultimately speared Test down, creasing the ring mat. The ECW World Champion's relentless barrage continued on the outside, where he slung Test's body into the steel steps, then followed up with a running powerslam in the ring for the pin.

The ECW World Champion demonstrated why he bears the gold on ECW on Sci Fi, and if Test has any hopes of seizing the title, the Impact Player will need to regroup and recalculate before this Sunday.

Another man who needed to recalculate tonight was Hardcore Holly. After having his opportunity to battle Lashley usurped by Test, an unhappy "Alabama Slamma" confronted the Impact Player before the main event, and promised to get what he deserves -- the ECW World Title -- one way or another.

In preparation for the most star-studded -- and extreme -- Royal Rumble Match in history, five of the 30 combatants in Sunday's battle met in an Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge. Mere days before they represent the ECW brand at the Rumble, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Kevin Thorn all honed their survival skills on Sci Fi.

The high-flyer, Sabu, did just that as he soared over the top rope and to the floor, taking Dreamer out with him. After Thorn tossed Sandman, it came down to the vampiric Extremist and RVD, who succeeded in besting Thorn for the victory.

Away from the more grueling face of ECW, the more sultry side of the realm of hardcore came out in the form of Kelly Kelly's "Extreme Exposé." Flanked by Layla and new Diva Brooke, the blonde bombshell Kelly had corralled some of the Sexiest Women on TV to forge the sexiest dance group ever.

Class was also in session Tuesday night as the Extreme Educator, Matt Striker instructed his pupils from a unique forum in the commentary booth beside Tazz and Joey Styles. As Striker looked on from ringside, CM Punk had a positive "experience" with Elijah Burke by pinning the brazen Extremist in the middle of the ring.

Elsewhere in the Land of the Extreme, Marcus Cor Von punished his opponent for the second straight week on ECW on Sci Fi with a charging body tackle and then a lethal submission hold. Before vanquishing his opposition, Cor Von exclaimed that everyone in ECW will learn to either step aside or get run over by "The Alpha Male."

Want to see the action of ECW on Sci Fi from start to finish? Check out's Hardcore Hangover throughout the week for all matches in their entirety.

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