Rumbles and jungles

Rumbles and jungles

ECW World Champion Lashley may have retained the gold on ECW on Sci Fi, but perhaps the greatest impact of the night was made by Test who not only leveled Lashley with his own title, but stood over the champion's debilitated body for the second week in a row. (WATCH)

Just seven days after Test blatantly interfered in the dream match between Lashley and RVD, ECW's Impact Player was legal in a Triple Threat Match -- where the odds are never in the champion's favor.

From bell to bell, the match was a sheer volatile confrontation. Ultimately, the back-and-forth exposition of ECW's finest drew to a close as the "Most Ruthless Competitor in ECW" felt the full weight of RVD's propelled body -- in the form of a Five-Star Frog Splash. Almost instinctively, after the blow, Test's aching body rolled to the outside where he recovered. As RVD turned his attention from the ailing Test, Lashley capitalized with a spear to Van Dam and gained the pinfall after a subsequent powerslam that nearly drove RVD through the mat.

While Lashley celebrated, Test seized the ECW World Title and lured the champion outside the ring to reclaim it. As Lashley approached the Impact Player, Test blasted him over the head, knocking him out cold and sending him to the arena floor. To add further insult, Test then gripped the championship in his covetous hands and screamed violently in Lashley's face, telling him that his gold would soon belong to the Impact Player.

In other action, ECW on Sci Fi became a realm of hunter and prey as "The Alpha Male" Marcus Cor Von arrived in the Land of the Extreme. Dismantling his opponent in his debut match this week, the beastly specimen known as "The Alpha Male" made ECW his jungle and bellowed a fierce warning to all Extremists. (WATCH)

The luscious bombshell Kelly Kelly certainly got an "A" for her efforts on ECW on Sci Fi. Back in an ECW arena, Kelly promised the return of her highly popular exposé next week. Now single, the Diva began to preview next Tuesday's titillating exhibition until Matt Striker interrupted and scolded the sexy student. Following Striker's patronizing lecture, Kelly's favorite Extremist -- and rumored crush -- CM Punk came to ring for his match with the Extreme Educator while the Diva cheered on from ringside.

At the conclusion of the contest, Kelly stood on the apron, opened her top and flashed a gawking Striker who seemed to take some extensive mental notes on physical education. With a little help from Kelly, Punk was able to pass the Tuesday night exam while the flabbergasted teacher was forced to flunk. (WATCH)

Also this week, Sandman picked up where he -- and his Singapore cane -- left off last Tuesday as the Extremist faced Elijah Burke. At the start of the match, the man-bear ate a piece of bamboo as Sandman used his weapon to whack Sylvester Terkay over his massive skull. Still, Burke endured his extreme experience with Sandman as he used a handful of denim to pin his opponent and emerge with a confident smirk.

Finally, ECW on Sci Fi viewers learned that the ECW Original Tommy Dreamer and Kevin Thorn have been added as participants in this year's Royal Rumble Match. Thorn described his lust as extending beyond blood and to WrestleMania -- but first, the macabre marauder meets 29 other men at the Rumble. (WATCH).

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