ECW Results: The new face of Extreme

ECW Results: The new face of Extreme

SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- There's a new champion ruling the Land of the Extreme. On a monumental ECW on Sci Fi, the "All-American American" Jack Swagger was victorious over Matt Hardy to claim the ECW Championship Tuesday night...

Jack Swagger def. Matt Hardy (ECW Championship Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The "All-American American" showed the swagger of a champion on Tuesday's ECW on Sci Fi when he defeated Matt Hardy for the ECW Title. Swagger smartly targeted Hardy's left arm throughout their brutal match, inflicting damage on the limb Hardy uses most in the Twist of Fate. Despite the strong energy of the WWE Universe behind him, Hardy was unable to stop Swagger's momentum. The All-American American threw Hardy forehead-first into an exposed turnbuckle and quickly landed the gutwrench powerbomb to pin Hardy for the win.

Swagger, who came to the Land of the Extreme four months ago as a part of ECW General Manager Theodore Long's New Superstar Initiative, has proven he's the future of ECW. The cocky, undefeated All-American American is poised for greatness as the Jack Swagger era has officially begun on ECW.

Tommy Dreamer's announcement (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Tommy Dreamer made an emotional speech to the WWE Universe on Tuesday. The ECW Original reflected on his Extreme, 19-year career and admitted today's competition is younger, stronger and faster. To prove he can still compete in WWE, Dreamer said he must win the ECW Championship before his contract expires on June 6 or else he'll leave the Land of the Extreme. The ECW Original poignantly vowed he'll be ECW Champion again.

DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox def. Paul & Katie Lea Burchill (PHOTOS)
Dancing duo DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox boogied their way to a mixed tag team win on ECW against siblings Paul & Katie Lea Burchill. Devious Katie Lea Burchill's interference led to a battle between the Divas outside the ring. Meanwhile, Gabriel landed a flying European uppercut on Paul Burchill for the victory.

Boogeyman def. local competitor (PHOTOS)
Boogeyman once again dominated a local competitor on ECW. The Superstar who hails from the Bottomless Pit quickly earned another victory. Boogeyman once again sealed his win with a gruesome worming of his opponent.

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