No con-Test

No con-Test

For the second week in a row, the ECW World Title Match between Lashley and Rob Van Dam came to a controversial close -- this week, thanks to the wrath of the embittered Impact Player, Test.

Both men sharing equal respect for one another, Lashley and RVD picked up right where they left off last week, waging an arduous in-ring war on ECW on Sci Fi. RVD used a fast-paced aerial assault in an attempt to weaken the powerhouse champion. The tenacious and resilient Lashley, however, endured Van Dam's offense and exploded with his own.

After the battle spilled to the outside and Lashley evaded a high-risk maneuver from RVD, the champion speared his way through the challenger. But, before Lashley could seize the win, Test stormed the ring and assailed both men with a steel chair. As the referee ended the match to the disapproval of the ECW fans, the self-proclaimed "Most Ruthless Competitor in ECW" stood over the fallen bodies of both RVD and Lashley, pleased with his impact. (WATCH)

Earlier in the night, Test expressed his disgust in Van Dam receiving yet another championship opportunity against Lashley. In protest of being overlooked as the deserving No. 1 contender, Test refused to participate in any ring action and appeared to leave the building. As ECW fans would see at the close of ECW on Sci Fi, "God's Gift to ECW" had other plans in store for Tuesday night.

Also this week, ECW fans witnessed the culmination of the venomous rivalry between the tough, fearless Tommy Dreamer and The Great Khali in an Extreme Rules Match. In his final commitment on ECW, Raw's Punjabi warrior battled the man he nearly crippled weeks ago. Death wish or not, Dreamer made a promise to come back and confront Khali man-to-monster, and he did just that.

Still, extreme weaponry and all, Dreamer could not manage to stop his gigantic foe. Deflecting Dreamer's swing of a baking sheet with his bare hand, Khali lowered his opponent with a chokebomb and pinned Dreamer. Khali may have left Peoria, Ill., as the victor, but as Dreamer lifted himself back to his feet after the match, he proved that he may get knocked down, but absolutely nothing will keep him from getting back up.

The much anticipated confrontation between CM Punk and Hardcore Holly resulted in Punk's first loss on ECW on Sci Fi. Not intimidated by the smash-mouth veteran, Punk brought the fight to Holly and nearly trapped him within the inescapable clutch of the Anaconda Vise. The Alabaman avoided the submission hold, and after the straightedge Extremist crashed into the steel ring post, Holly landed the Alabama Slam for the win.

Elijah Burke of the "Knock-Out/Tap-Out Connection" came to the ECW arena to boast of his unique fighting talents, but this time, a single ECW Original came to test Burke's claims. With Singapore cane in hand, Sandman gave Elijah Burke an "experience" of his own, and sent the brash Extremist packing. (WATCH)

Speaking of knock-outs, ECW on Sci Fi viewers learned Tuesday night that the exhibitionist Kelly Kelly would make her ECW return next week. The irresistible Diva has not been seen since Mike Knox publicly dumped -- and assaulted -- her on Dec. 5. Could we be in store for an uncensored exposé with Knox out of the picture? (WATCH)

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