Retaining gold

Retaining gold

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. -- The duo of Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore had been on a roll lately against WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison, but their luck ended during tonight's 15 Minutes of Fame Match. The Miz & Morrison tied Yang & Moore with one decision each in 15 minutes; therefore the Champions retain their Tag Team Titles. Coming within a split second of the gold, Wang & Moore displayed their greatest effort, but it wasn't enough to unseat The Miz & Morrison.

An injured Colin Delaney bravely stepped into the ECW ring for the third time, and told Tazz he's hurt so badly he probably shouldn't have ventured out of bed. After two brutal matches against Shelton Benjamin and Big Daddy V, it's no surprise the third time was not a charm against Mark Henry, either. The World's Strongest Man demolished Colin, but will the newcomer be back for more?

Elsewhere in the Land of the Extreme, former best friends Kelly Kelly and Layla mixed it up, old school style on ECW this week. The two beauties got down and dirty in a Diva Dance Off, hosted by Lena Yada, who made her ECW debut. Layla and Kelly strutted their stuff for the crowd, but just when our fans were about to cheer for a winner, Lena entered herself into the Diva Dance Off. Layla and Kelly looked on in shock as Lena declared herself the winner.

Finally, our fans got another look at Kofi Kingston. The Jamaican Superstar has promised he's bringing trouble to paradise.

Headlining ECW on Sci Fi, Chavo Guerrero got his second chance to earn an ECW Title match this week. Once again, the tenacious CM Punk came out on top when Guerrero was disqualified. More on this story…

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