Miz & Morrison: 15 minutes of reign left?

Miz & Morrison: 15 minutes of reign left?

On the next ECW on Sci Fi, Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore have the opportunity of their collective careers to obtain WWE Tag Team gold -- and 15 minutes to make it happen.

In a unique 15 Minutes of Fame Challenge for the titles, the redneck & the Reject take their accumulated momentum to the Land of the Extreme to face champions John Morrison & The Miz. By the end of the match, the team with the most decisions walks out with the coveted tag gold.

It was an unexpected move by the champions to deliver such a challenge to their opponents, who are hotter now than they've ever been. For weeks, Yang & Moore have managed to get the best of the Shaman of Sexy & the chick magnet in non-title action. The boastful, self-appreciated WWE Tag Team Champions could easily be de-pegged by their challengers.

Plus, the last time anyone had 15 Minutes of Fame, it was CM Punk who actually defeated the Tuesday Night Delight himself in Morrison's personally designed challenge. Weeks later, the Straightedge Superstar used this momentum to propel himself and capture the ECW Championship from his cocky adversary. Considering this, Morrison may have made a mistake and dragged Miz (and their titles) along with him.

On Tuesday night, of course, fame will not be the only thing at stake in this contest of fortune. Unlike Miz & Morrison, fame is also not the most important factor for Yang & Moore. Could hubris of the Tuesday Night Delight & the faux-hawked Superstar lead to their swift downfall? Will seven weeks of their WWE Tag Team Championship reign end in just 15 minutes?

Find out by tuning in to ECW on Sci Fi, live this Tuesday at 10/9 CT.

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