Stone Cold in stripes?

Stone Cold in stripes?

It's up to YOU, WWE Fan Nation, to select the special guest referee for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Cyber Sunday, and boy, do you have three blockbuster choices. You decide whether "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mick Foley or JBL -- all former World Champions themselves -- will be the arbiter for Batista vs. Undertaker.

Being former World Champions and top-flight WWE Superstars, each of these three men shares a history with at least one of the combatants -- some good moments, and definitely some bad ones as well. While the third man in the ring is normally a neutral party, one has to wonder if your selection will call it right down the middle at Cyber Sunday. After all, JBL didn't become a self-proclaimed "wrestling god" by being fair and balanced, and one of Stone Cold's biggest mottos is "Don't Trust Anyone." As for Foley…well, the two ring combatants are players in two of his biggest and most memorable rivalries, so even he can be influenced -- right there, in Washington, D.C.

So just who is Stone Cold and what kind of history does he have with Batista and Undertaker?

Arguably the biggest star WWE has ever seen, Stone Cold Steve Austin is a true Legend. Multiple-time WWE Champion, King of the Ring, Royal Rumble Match winner, holder of numerous other WWE titles, star of The Condemned…you name it, he's done it. Is Austin a crowd favorite? In his own words: OH, HELL YEAH! The ovation he received just months ago at SummerSlam proved that the Texas Rattlesnake is as popular as ever among you, our fans.

When it comes to Stone Cold and Batista, there is little history between the two. Austin has never stepped inside the ring against The Animal, although Batista was a member of Evolution while Stone Cold reigned as co-General Manager -- and later Sheriff -- of Raw in 2003-04. Surely, they've crossed paths, but there's seemingly nothing that Stone Cold would have against Batista, though that doesn't mean he won't deliver a Stone Cold Stunner if he deems it necessary -- and he almost always does.

Undertaker, however, is a different story. Stone Cold and The Phenom have been the best of friends -- they were World Tag Team Champions in 1998 -- but they've been bitter rivals also. Title reign aside, these two were fierce enemies for most of 1998 and 1999, trading the WWE Championship in the summer of ‘99. Two years later, they were on opposite sides again as Stone Cold and then-partner Triple H warred with Undertaker & Kane, with the teams trading the World Tag Team Championship in mid-2001. Austin also refereed one of Undertaker's matches before -- a 1998 battle for the WWE Championship that ended in a No Contest when Stone Cold attacked both The Phenom and opponent Kane.

Austin has more recent guest referee experiences, having been the man in the middle for WrestleMania 23's vaunted Battle of the Billionaires. On the night when Batista first battled Undertaker -- and lost the World Heavyweight Championship in the process -- Stone Cold helped screw old nemesis Mr. McMahon out of his hair, proving that old rivalries die hard. Stone Cold also refereed the Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg match at WrestleMania XX, but on that evening, he left both men Stunned after the bout.

Austin is arguably the most popular of the three choices, and seeing how Undertaker has been one of his biggest rivals, it might seem like The Deadman is in for a long night at Cyber Sunday. But as mentioned earlier, Austin's motto is "Don't Trust Anyone," so the Rattlesnake will most certainly be in no one's corner. Or will he?

Will Stone Cold get your vote to serve as special guest referee, or will he watch as Foley or JBL get the nod? The world will find out at Cyber Sunday, but until then, keep voting!

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