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At Cyber Sunday 2006, legends were made, champions were crowned and WWE fans cast 14,687,233 votes for the in-ring action they wanted to see. The WWE fan reaction to Cyber Sunday more than doubled the six million votes cast for last year's Taboo Tuesday. The unprecedented response from WWE fans brought in an average of 6,000 votes a minute while the show was on the air. Here is how the votes broke down:

Umaga vs. ???
Kane   49%
Sandman   28%
Chris Benoit  23%

Viscera and Charlie Haas vs. Cryme Tyme vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. The Highlanders -- What type of match do you want to see these four teams compete in?
Texas Tornado 50%
Tag Team Turmoil 35%
Fatal Four Way 15% 

Intercontinental Championship -- Who do you want to be Jeff Hardy's opponent?
Carlito   62%
Shelton Benjamin 25%
Johnny Nitro  13%

DX vs. Edge and Randy Orton -- Who do you want to be the referee?
Eric Bischoff  60%
Jonathan Coachman 20%
Mr. McMahon  20%

Women's Championship Tournament Final -- What type of match do you want to see the Divas in?
WWE Diva Lumberjacks Match 46%
No-Disqualification Match  40%
Submission Match   14%

Spirit Squad vs. Ric Flair and fans' choice - Who do you want to be Flair's partner?
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper 46%
Dusty Rhodes  35%
Sgt. Slaughter  19%

Champion of Champions Triple Threat -- Which Championship do you want to be defended?
King Booker    67%   
Big Show    21%   
John Cena    12%


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