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On Nov. 5 the world of sports-entertainment will see an epic collision between D-Generation X and Randy Orton and Edge at Cyber Sunday. With The Game, The Showstopper, The Legend Killer and The Rated-R Superstar all in the same ring, on each side of the of the squared circle will stand four highly formidable competitors, each a former champion. But perhaps the most impactful element to affect this match may be the man wearing the striped shirt. Who will stand between these two teams as the referee? Will it be Mr. McMahon? Jonathan Coachman? Or the controversial Eric Bischoff? Only you, the WWE fans, will decide. spoke with some veteran officials to not only get their view on the Cyber Sunday collision, but also their professional opinion on the potential referee candidates.

RAW lead official Mike Chioda described the referee's role as crucial in any WWE match, let alone a tag match of this magnitude at Cyber Sunday.

"The referee has total control in the ring," Chioda said. "He starts the match and finishes the match. I take pride in what I do and I like to call it down the middle. As an official, I don't take favorites, but looking at the lineup of referees for Cyber Sunday, I'd have to say Randy Orton and Edge might have the advantage over DX."

Former WCW official and current senior official for SmackDown, Nick Patrick has experienced countless matches of great consequence -- from battles for the World Heavyweight Championship to the Punjabi Prison Match.

"I wouldn't want to be DX and have Mr. McMahon as the referee in there. Jonathan Coachman, ewww," groaned Patrick, "I wouldn't want to see him referee a pillow fight. If I wanted to save my job, I'd go with Mr. McMahon since he's the one that signs my paychecks. If I wanted to try to be fair to both teams, I'd have to go with Bischoff."

Patrick added that a referee must be impartial and not have anything to gain in the outcome of a match.

"The referee has the final say," Patrick insisted. "I think if Mr. McMahon, Coachman or Bischoff would try to call this match down the middle, they'd find out how hard our job really is."

Another SmackDown referee, Jimmy Korderas, also weighed in on the interactive tag team encounter at Cyber Sunday.

"The referee is there to enforce the rules; without rules anything can go in a match and it's basically a fight," Korderas said. "Of the three candidates, the only person I could see who would command the authority, be able to exercise the rules and have the respect of the participants involved would be Mr. McMahon because you know he does not back down from anybody."

An official for 19 years, Korderas said that he's just glad he won't be in the middle of The Rated-R Superstar, The Legend Killer and D-Generation X in less than three weeks in Cincinnati.

"Personally, I don't envy whoever has to referee that match," Korderas admitted. "If it was me, I'd honestly do the best I could, but like I said, I don't envy anybody getting in between those four guys."

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