Gran Metalik def. Akira Tozawa

Gran Metalik vs. Akira Tozawa - Quarterfinal Match: Cruiserweight Classic, Aug. 31, 2016

The first of four Semifinal spots in the Cruiserweight Classic is on the line as aerial expert Gran Metalik takes on the hard-hitting Akira Tozawa. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Two of the tournament’s quickest competitors faced off in the opening battle of the Great 8, as Mexico’s Gran Metalik battled Japan’s Akira Tozawa. And if this matchup is any indication of how the rest of the Cruiserweight Classic’s Quarterfinals Round will go, we’re in for some spectacular showdowns.

Somewhat surprisingly, these two speedsters started off by trading submission holds as the feeling-out process began. The first competitor to gain an advantage was Metalik whose dropkick left Tozawa in noticeable pain. Things didn’t get any better for the graduate of Japan’s Dragon Gate dojo, as Metalik took to the skies with a suicide dive onto Tozawa outside the ring.

The masked marvel from Mexico then utilized the ground game to further weaken his opponent with a modified Figure-Four Leglock. However, Tozawa soon found his stride behind a series of suicide dives to Metalik on the outside.

Despite Tozawa being in control of the contest, frustration was perhaps setting in for the Japanese competitor as he was unable to put away his opponent. “The King of the Ropes” would capitalize, pulling out his aerial assault to turn the tables on Tozawa.

This contest started to resemble a free-for-all, with both competitors going to their trademark offense to try and pick up the victory. Metalik bounced around the ropes like an Olympic gymnast on the balance beam, knocking his foe around the ring. Meanwhile, the feisty Tozawa answered with stinging kicks to the body of the masked cruiserweight.

With the crowd on their feet in awe of this Quarterfinals Round opener, Metalik would do the unthinkable and kick out of Tozawa’s trademark deadlift German Suplex – which Daniel Bryan has affectionately proclaimed the most beautiful German Suplex in the world.

Shocked by what just happened, Tozawa went for another German Suplex, but this time, Metalik escaped en route to delivering the Metalik Driver for the victory.

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