Noam Dar vs. HoHo Lun (Second Round Match)

Noam Dar vs. HoHo Lun (Second Round Match)

The next Second Round showdown features the youngest competitor in the field taking on the most determined.

Though he recently turned 23, Noam Dar of Scotland is nearing a decade of experience in the ring. Growing up on the United Kingdom’s burgeoning independent scene, Dar picked up the intricacies of technical wrestling, which did him well in the CWC’s First Round, where he forced Gurv Sihra to tap out to a kneebar.

Dar’s opponent in this round is Hong Kong, China’s HoHo Lun. With no wrestling scene at all in his homeland, Lun traveled the world to learn the mat game, then returned to Hong Kong to start his own promotion. His never-say-die attitude was on display in the opening round of the CWC, where he fought off the ruthless efforts of Ariya Daivari to advance.

This is a battle between two competitors with lots of heart. Who has the fortitude to move on in the summer’s biggest tournament?


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