T.J. Perkins vs. Da Mack (First Round Match)

T.J. Perkins vs. Da Mack (First Round Match)

Two of the CWC’s flashiest competitors come face-to-face in the first round, as T.J. Perkins of the Philippines squares off against Germany’s Da Mack.

Da Mack considers himself Michael Jackson reincarnated, as evidenced by his sparkling entrance gear. Yet when the diamond-encrusted glove comes off and the moonwalk stops, Da Mack is just as dangerous as any competitor in the tournament.

On the other hand, Perkins’ flashiness comes from complete confidence once the bell rings. The Filipino fighter has been grappling around the world since he was a teenager. An accomplished mat technician and high-flyer, Perkins may be the most well-rounded competitor in the tournament. He knows that and isn’t afraid to rub it in his opponents’ faces, taking a second to dab while he has them trapped in a painful submission.

Whose brand of showmanship will help them advance in the Cruiserweight Classic this Wednesday?

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