Lince Dorado def. Mustafa Ali (First Round Match)

Lince Dorado vs. Mustafa Ali - First Round Match: Cruiserweight Classic, July 20, 2016

Puerto Rico's Lince Dorado takes on Mustafa Ali of Pakistan in an all-out aerial battle to advance to the second round. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

They may not have been the most internationally recognized competitors heading into the tournament, but Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali’s names were on the minds of the WWE Universe following their absolutely epic encounter in the Cruiserweight Classic. Though Mustafa Ali tried to keep the bout at his pace in the beginning, pouncing on his opponent to pummel him, Dorado quickly used his lucha libre know-how to escape.

It didn’t take long for the battle to take to the air, as Ali clocked Dorado with a flying knee off the ring apron, then followed up with a double-jump moonsault. The Golden Lynx turned the tide of the bout on the apron, when he sent Ali crashing to the arena floor with a flying head-scissors off the apron. A devastating reverse hurricanrana that spiked Ali on his head should have ended the bout, but the Pakistani Prince wasn’t willing to exit the CWC without a fight.

Showing off his aerial ability, Ali brought the crowd to its feet with an unbelievable double-jump Spanish Fly off the top rope. Ali then went all in, attempting an imploding 450 Splash, but ate canvas when Dorado moved out of the way. Lince capitalized, climbing to the top and executing a picture-perfect Shooting Star Press to win a match that had Full Sail University roaring, “This is awesome!”


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