Droz makes his Backlash picks

Droz makes his Backlash picks

Well everyone, I hope you have recovered from the kickass WrestleMania that took place less than a month ago. WrestleMania XXIV had great matches from top to bottom, and I'm hoping that Backlash can keep that spectacular energy going. I'm sure it won't disappoint, so let's get to my picks.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Edge
Undertaker pulled off a great victory at WrestleMania XXIV to win the title from Edge, and I don't see The Deadman breaking stride anytime soon. With Edge, you always have to worry that he has something up his sleeve. But if things stay on an even keel, I don't think Edge will have enough to pull this one out. Undertaker will retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Having John Cena, JBL, Triple H and Randy Orton all in the same ring at the same time? That's a surefire blockbuster match. The "Age of Orton" has been on fire since No Mercy, but I know all three challengers are itching to have the championship gold around their waist. Any one of the four could just as easily win this match, but it seems to me that Orton is going to keep his streak alive and not relinquish the title. It's been a long time -- since last year's No Mercy -- in between reigns for The Game; I think his time may be near, just not on this day.

ECW Champion Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero
This time around is going to be much different between Kane and Chavo. Honestly, I think Kane's quick win at WrestleMania was a fluke, and this time, Chavo will give him quite a run for his money in trying to win back the ECW Championship. Don't get me wrong, though -- I still don't see Chavo winning the title back, but he will redeem himself from his quick loss. Kane could end up with a very long title reign if he keeps his focus.

Batista vs. Shawn Michaels -- Special Referee Y2J
Ric Flair is retired, but it seems that the "Nature Boy" is still a main focal point in WWE. With Batista and HBK fighting over the fact that Michaels retired Flair, it seems only right that these two would battle it out to solve their differences. HBK may have done what he had to do, but now he has to deal with The Animal. I see Batista battering and bruising HBK for a good bit of the match, and in the end putting him away.

Big Show vs. The Great Khali
Talk about a battle of giants! I have to say that I actually feel bad for Khali in this match. Since Big Show has been back, he's looked great -- that little hiccup at ‘Mania aside. At Backlash, I feel that Big Show is going to make an example of Khali and put a serious hurting on him. Big Show comes out on top.

United States Champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy
MVP has been United States Champion for 11 months now, which is quite a feat. That being said, I think Matt Hardy has a really good chance at ending his title reign this Sunday. These two are sure to put on a spectacular show, and I have a good feeling that Matt Hardy will be wearing gold at the end of this match. We'll just have to wait and see.

Well, those are my picks. Hopefully, I'll have a better average than I did with WrestleMania. On a side note, things have been going well on the home front. I haven't been able to get out fishing much because of weather, tides, etc., but I'm hoping to get out this weekend because the stripers have been in spawning for a few weeks now. If I end up catching a big one I'll let all of you know. My Great Danes Oreo and Navarra have been doing well, and with the temperatures getting warmer and warmer, Navarra has been up to her old tricks by baking herself on the asphalt for hours at a time.

I'd also like to send a happy birthday wish out to my friend Abby, who celebrates her birthday on April 24. And as always, if you could please keep our troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers, I'm sure they'd be appreciated. Any questions or comments please email me at droz2cents@aol.com.

Until next time…
Droz -- Peace

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