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Hulk Hogan defeats Triple H to become new WWE Undisputed Champion

Triple H's return from a career-threatening quadriceps injury came full circle at WrestleMania X8 when he defeated Chris Jericho to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. But that wasn't the only magical moment at the biggest event of the year. In an Icon vs. Icon match, the most electrifying performer in sports-entertainment, The Rock went one on one with the Immortal Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster showed that he still had what it takes when he went move for move with the People's Champion. Hogan came up with the short end of the stick in the match, but he proved he was just as good as he ever was inside the squared circle.

He also proved that his legions of Hulkamaniacs were still showing up in droves to support him in his matches. And that was a big reason that The Rock decided to weigh in on Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho's argument on who should be the No. 1 contender for the Undisputed WWE Championship. Instead of saying that he deserved the opportunity, The Rock said that the fans have spoken and the opportunity should go to a legend -- Hulk Hogan. Mr. McMahon ended up agreeing and the Hulkster found himself once again vying for the gold.

Triple H told Hogan that he respected, and he was someone that he looked up to growing up. But even so, when the two square off, Hogan would be just another obstacle, and he would not be in awe of Hulkamania.

The two Superstars went back and forth in the beginning, but Triple H began to target Hogan's knee. The game utilized a wide array of maneuvers to weaken the Hulkster's leg, but Hogan began to Hulk up. Hogan was able to land his patented leg drop, but before he could make the pin, Jericho ran down and pulled referee Earl Hebner out of the ring and nailed Hogan with a steel chair. Triple H then attacked Jericho and then refocused on the Hulkster. Hogan tried to mount a comeback, but The Cerebral Assassin was able to hit the Pedigree. Before he could make the cover, Undertaker ran down and took out the referee and leveled Triple H with a chair.

Undertaker tried to put Hogan on top of Triple H for the pin, but once the Hulkster realized what was going on, he knocked Undertaker out of the ring. With that, he hit another leg drop, and became the Undisputed WWE Champion. After the match, Triple H went face to face with Hogan, but he simply extended his hand and the two Superstars shook hands in a sign of mutual respect.

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