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Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H def. Undertaker & Kane to become new World Tag Team Champions

The 2001 edition of Backlash was headlined by a unique tag team match, which saw three different championships on the line. The unlikely, yet very powerful duo of Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H held the WWE and Intercontinental Championships, respectively. Undertaker & Kane, also known as the Brothers of Destruction, were the World Tag Team Champions. If either Undertaker or Kane lost, they would lose the World Tag Team Championship. If Stone Cold lost, he would lose the WWE Championship, and if Triple H lost, he would lose the Intercontinental Championship.

The Brothers of Destruction used the power of intimidation early on to gain an advantage. Stone Cold and Triple H cowered away from the Deadman and Kane, but before long, they were back in the fight and it began to go back and forth.

Triple H was able to hit Kane with a Pedigree and tagged in Stone Cold. But with the referee's back turned, Undertaker came in and hit the Texas Rattlesnake with a chokeslam. Stephanie then distracted the ref, so Stone Cold was able to recover in time to kick out at two. Undertaker was able to hit the Last Ride on Triple H, but the referee refused to count because the Deadman wasn't the legal man.

Stone Cold took matters into his own hands and knocked out the referee. The Deadman retaliated and he and the Texas Rattlesnake battled into the crowd. Mr. McMahon came to the ring with a sledgehammer, but Kane saw it coming and avoided the attack. Triple H picked up the deadly weapon, however, and knocked out the Big Red Monster. After that, the pin was academic, and Stone Cold and The Game were the new World Tag Team Champions.

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