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The Rock defeats Triple H to become new WWE Champion

Following WrestleMania 2000, it appeared as though the McMahon family was finally coming together as a cohesive unit. Mr. McMahon turned on The Rock and helped Stephanie's husband, Triple H retain the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. Shane was inspired by his father's actions, and all three seemed to be on the same page. Triple H faced The Rock at Backlash in a WWE Championship, and with the McMahons all working together, things didn't look good for the People's Champ.

In the weeks leading up to the match, it was determined that Shane would be the special guest referee, and Mr. McMahon would be in Triple H's corner. The Rock was supposed to have back up as well, as Stone Cold was supposed to be in his corner. But before the match began, Mr. McMahon reminded the fans that the card is always subject to change, and that Stone Cold would not be able to make it to Backlash. It looked as though The Rock would be facing insurmountable odds.

Shane showed his bias in the match early and often, giving Triple H fast counts and even refusing to count for The Rock's pin attempts. The People's Champ became fed up with his actions, though, and was able to send both Shane and Triple H through the announce table with a double Rock Bottom. As The Rock brought Triple H back to the ring, Mr. McMahon interfered as well. He distracted the People's Champ just long enough for Triple H to recover and hit a Pedigree. Shane was still knocked out, so there was no referee to make the count. With that, Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson rushed to the ring in referee shirts to make the count, but The Rock kicked out.

Brisco and Patterson joined Triple H in a beat down of The Rock, and Mr. McMahon put the cherry on top when he leveled him with a steel chair. Just when it seemed like The Rock was down and out, Stone Cold's music hit and the Texas Rattlesnake came to the ring and cleaned house. Stone Cold cleared the ring of everyone thanks to a steel chair of his own. With that, Linda McMahon came to the ring with referee Earl Hebner. The Rock hit Triple H with a spinebuster and the People's Elbow, and Linda made Hebner make the count. The Rock was crowned as the new WWE Champion. Then, in a surreal moment, The Rock and Stone Cold celebrated together with a few beers.

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