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WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin def. The Rock

In a WrestleMania XV rematch, Stone Cold Steve Austin went one-on-one with The Rock at Backlash. Stone Cold defeated The Rock at WrestleMania to become the champion, and now he had to defend the gold. To make matters a little more interesting, one of the leaders of The Corporation, Shane McMahon, was the guest referee. At the time, The Rock was a member of The Corporation, so the deck was stacked against the Texas Rattlesnake, just as it has been so many times in his illustrious career.

With so much emotion riding on the match, it's no wonder that the action soon spilled to the outside. The Rock was able to send Stone Cold through the Spanish announce table with a Rock Bottom, but the Texas Rattlesnake recovered and responded with a Stunner through the main announce table.

When the action finally got back inside the ring, Shane tried to level Stone Cold with the WWE Championship, but he hit The Rock by accident. Stone Cold went for the pin, but Shane refused to count. With that, Mr. McMahon, who had been at odds with his son, Shane, came to the ring and decked his own flesh and blood with the belt. Stone Cold hit The Rock with a Stunner, and new referee Earl Hebner made the three-count as Stone Cold retained the WWE Championship.

Following the match, Stephanie McMahon was shown waiting inside a limo in the parking lot guarded by security. The Ministry of Darkness surrounded the limo, so security told the limo to leave. With that, it was revealed that Undertaker was the driver, and he asked the question, "Where to Stephanie?" as Backlash went off the air in a rather ominous moment.

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