Punk & Kane: The perfect storm?

Punk & Kane: The perfect storm?

For months, a tempest has brewed within the Land of the Extreme, shaking ECW at its hardened core and forging a lingering trepidation within many of its Superstars. Just weeks ago, that "V" emblazoned storm near doubled in size following a meiosis with an equally destructive force of nature, the World's Strongest Man.

With these two storm fronts meeting directly in the middle of ECW, the question has become what will it take to quell a squall the size of Big Daddy V and Mark Henry?

Days before Armageddon, it appears the answer might be the improbable team of ECW Champion CM Punk and Kane, the ideal blend of thunder and lightning -- a veritable perfect storm.

Though the scales are heavily tipped in the favor of Big Daddy V and Henry, the odds are evened this Sunday when they face Punk and Kane in a tag team contest, live on pay-per-view. Crafty, agile and technically gifted, the Straightedge Superstar brings a hard-knuckled arsenal while his powerhouse partner, Kane, wields irresistible strength, a wicked capacity to expel punishment and an inhuman tolerance for pain.

Individually, the ECW Champion and the Big Red Monster are both highly talented and formidable Superstars; together, they are arguably a formula for unparalleled success. They more than proved this to be the case on the last ECW on Sci Fi in their dominance over former WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino.

Two weeks ago, the 500-pound ECW ogre stood united -- beasts-at-arms -- during Big Daddy V's Extreme Rules Match against Kane. Punishing the former WWE Champion like no other individual has ever before, these behemoths left the 7-footer damaged and incapacitated. The next week, the juggernauts turned their attention to the ECW Champion. Before the same wreckage could be wrought at the physical expense of the Straightedge Superstar, a retributive Kane came to Punk's aid. Now, these unlikely allies stand side-by-side, prepared to wage an arduous war with two of the largest men on the planet.

The serendipitous alliance between Punk and the Big Red Machine comes at a time when sports-entertainment needs it most. Before The Dominating Force in WWE and the World's Strongest Man become unstoppable, it is imperative for the Straightedge Champion and Kane to serve the pair of massive Superstars a taste of defeat.

If this perfect combination in CM Punk and SmackDown's 7-foot leviathan cannot conquer the Extreme Mastodon and Henry, the future of WWE beholds a barren wasteland -- Armageddon could truly be the end of days.

Can it be done? Will the ECW Champion and Kane prevail? Find out this Sunday at 8/7 CT as Armageddon comes to you live from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, only on pay-per-view.

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