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Undertaker vs. Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell Match

At Armageddon, the mind games came to an end, and Undertaker defeated Randy Orton inside Hell in a Cell.

Throughout the match, both combatants took turns brutalizing each other, using chairs, the ring steps, the steel cage itself and any other weapons they could find to inflict punishment. One particularly vicious chairshot by the Deadman busted the Legend Killer open early in the match.

After the Deadman controlled much of the early going, Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere and seemed to get a second wind. It was then Orton’s turn to brutalize the Deadman, and the Legend Killer drew blood by rubbing Undertaker’s face into the steel cage of the cell. Outside the cell, even Cowboy Bob Orton shed blood. Cowboy Bob held Undertaker’s hair through the cage to help Randy assault the Deadman, but Undertaker avoided a charging Randy, and father and son crashed into each other.

After escaping an Undertaker chokeslam, Orton took control and set the Deadman up on a table. Orton then climbed the ropes and delivered a death-defying splash through the table, but Undertaker escaped the pinfall attempt at 2. The Deadman was able to come back, but Orton escaped the Last Ride, and an errant swing by the Deadman knocked the referee unconscious.

Orton then reversed a chokeslam attempt into the RKO, but by the time a new referee was able to make the count, the Deadman escaped the pinfall. Undertaker later hit the Last Ride on the Legend Killer, but Cowboy Bob, who entered the cell when referee Charles Robinson entered, pulled him out of the ring to stop the count. Undertaker then attacked Cowboy Bob, but that gave Randy precious time to recover.

Back in the ring, Undertaker attempted to put Randy away with a Tombstone, but in a role reversal of what happened at WrestleMania 21, Orton reversed it into a Tombstone of his own. However, there was once again no referee, and Undertaker sat up. A flabbergasted Orton tried to keep the Deadman down, but he kept popping up after every punch.

Undertaker then attempted another chokeslam, but Cowboy Bob re-entered the ring. The Deadman stopped to attack Cowboy Bob, allowing Randy to set up for an RKO, but the Deadman blocked that as well. Undertaker then hit both Ortons with an urn, and after delivering a Tombstone to Cowboy Bob, the Deadman nailed the Legend Killer with a Tombstone as well to secure the victory. After the match, Undertaker climbed the Cell, kneeling down to worship the urn as the Ortons lay bloody and beaten in the ring below.

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