WWE 2K18 Universe Mode details announced

WWE 2K18 Universe Mode

Fans of 2K’s Universe Mode will have a lot to look forward to in WWE 2K18.

In a recent blog post on 2K’s official website, Cristo Kyriazis, the primary game designer for Universe Mode, revealed what updates are coming to the latest edition of the revered WWE video game series. Kyriazis detailed changes to in-game rivalries and their intensity as well as new features, including Power Rankings, Goals and new Match Types.

In Universe Mode, players can immerse themselves in a virtual WWE Universe that resembles the week-to-week experience of WWE, right down to the brand divisions between Raw, SmackDown LIVE and NXT. Each brand’s Superstars compete against one another on a weekly basis, igniting new rivalries and championship chases that culminate at marquee WWE events like WrestleMania or SummerSlam. Players can fight in every match along the way, or watch as the events unfold in their unique Universe Mode.

Some of the Universe Mode highlights include:

  • Rivalries: Rivalries play a big part of Universe Mode, creating the tie that binds Superstars in epic matches or backstage encounters in their respective marches to glory. In WWE 2K18, there are two kinds of Rivalries: Potential Rivalries, which reflects how heated the encounters are becoming between a player and another Superstar, and Active Rivalries, which confirms when a player and another Superstar are officially on a course to collide in the ring.
  • Intensity: Intensity gauges how heated a Rivalry is becoming between Superstars and what kind of Rivalry is brewing. There are four, color-coded levels of Intensity: Low (green, a “friendly” rivalry), Medium (yellow, a disrespectful rivalry), High (orange, with rivals using cheap shots and distractions) and Very High (red, where the rivalry becomes fully hostile).
  • Calendar & Pay-Per-Views: WWE 2K18’s Universe Mode will offer a calendar that is better suited to WWE’s different brands and the multiple pay-per-views in a given month.
  • Power Rankings: A Universe Mode rankings system that reflects how well a Superstar is doing in the virtual WWE Universe. Players who shine in the Power Rankings may receive temporary attribute bonuses in their climb to the top.
  • Goals: Goals give players some specific tasks to accomplish as they compete in Universe Mode. These tasks are specific to a Superstar, and can range from winning a championship to competing as a tag team with a grappling ally.
  • Matches & Match Types: Players will experience new Match Types in Universe Mode, including the Eight-Man Battle Royal and Eight-Man Tag Team Matches. As always, the matches are fully customizable and can even include custom battles built in the WWE 2K18 Creation Suite.

WWE 2K18 is rated T for Teen by the ESRB and is currently scheduled for worldwide release on Tuesday, Oct. 17, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, as well as in Fall 2017 on Nintendo Switch.

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