Taynara Conti

Taynara Conti

Height: 5’5”
Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Style: Judo
Twitter: @taynaracontiwwe

Though still a relative newcomer to sports-entertainment, Taynara Conti’s combat sport bona fides are well-established. Conti trained in judo for 15 years, earning medals and a black belt in Brazil before joining the WWE Performance Center in 2016. Considering her mastery of different throws, slams and submission holds, it’s little wonder Conti has assimilated quickly to life inside the squared circle.

She’s not intimidated by bright lights or big stages, either. After debuting at the inaugural Mae Young Classic, Conti was chosen to participate in the WrestleMania 34 Women’s Battle Royal. Conti’s WWE journey might have only just begun, but the outlook couldn’t be brighter.

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