Hiroyo Matsumoto

Hiroyo Matsumoto

Height: 5’6”
Hometown: Hiratsuka, Japan
Style: Powerhouse
Twitter: @hiroyomatsumoto

Hiroyo Matsumoto can be summed up in one word: Destroy. It is both a mantra for “Lady Godzilla” as well as her singular goal whenever she steps in the ring, as the competitors of Japan already know all too well.

Matsumoto made her professional debut in July 2006. Ranked the 25th best women’s wrestler in the world in 2017 by “Pro Wrestling Illustrated,” Matsumoto, who is revered for her intensity and boundless energy, once held four championships simultaneously. Her signature moves include a dangerous high-angle back suplex that she calls the Rock Drop, as well as variations of powerbombs, gutbusters and missile dropkicks, all of which combine to give Matsumoto one of the most devastating arsenals in this year’s tournament.

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