Who’s Zack Ryder gonna call?

Who’s Zack Ryder gonna call?

Spend a few hours with Zack Ryder, and you’re bound to hear him profess his love for Slimer and The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man nearly as often as he waxes poetic about tanning, fist pumping and Justin Bieber. Director Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters was a major part of the self-professed Internet Champion’s childhood, and Ryder’s fascination with the 1984 supernatural comedy has hardly dissipated over time. Even though he’s sporting ring gear a lot more often than his plastic toy proton pack – at least in public – Long Island Iced Z is as passionate about Ghostbusters as he was as a Broski-in-training growing up on Long Island, N.Y.

In the spirit of Halloween, Ryder spoke with WWE.com about his upcoming Ghostbusters-themed episode of “Z! True Long Island Story,” his lifelong obsession with the film and which Superstars he would want on his team of “Ghostbroskis.” 

WWE.COM: You’re not shy about your Ghostbusters fandom. What is it about the film that you love so much?

ZACK RYDER: I saw it for the first time when I was very young, as a kid, chasing ghosts and busting ghosts looked so fun. Then as I grew up I got all the jokes, and I loved it on a different level. Now, it’s my favorite movie of all time.

embedcolon25032685WWE.COM: Keen-eyed members of the WWE Universe have noticed a Mattel “Retro-Action” Real Ghostbusters action figure making cameo appearances on “Z! True Long Island Story.” How big is your Ghostbusters collection?

RYDER: I have all of the new Mattel Ghostbusters action figures, and they’re awesome. I had the Kenner ones as a kid, and I think I’m going to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween this year. So I’m pretty excited about that.

WWE.COM: How often do you pump your fists to Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters tune?

RYDER: Pretty often. It’s on my iPod. I even have the instrumental version! I listen to it at least a couple of times a week, ‘cuz I’m planning for my next “Z! True Long Island Story,” which will actually have a Ghostbusters theme. So I’m working on something big for all of my YouTube Broskis out there.

WWE.COM: Speaking of Broskis, what would Slimer have to do to become “Broski of the Week”?

RYDER: He can’t really take care or spike his hair, but he ingests a lot of protein. So if he’s fist pumping and getting that protein in, I think he’ll do alright.

WWE.COM: We know your reputation with the ladies. Which Ghostbusters girl would you rather take to the club: Dana (Sigourney Weaver) or Janine (Annie Potts)?

RYDER: Janine’s pretty hot. She’s got those glasses and I wouldn’t say she’s a nerd, but I think when she takes those glasses off, she gets a little wild.

WWE.COM: What’s your take on Ghostbusters 2: Lackluster or underrated?

RYDER: I think it’s underrated, and it’s one of my favorites for sure. I liked it. I was definitely bummed out that there wasn’t a third.

WWE.COM: Well, there’s been a lot of talk about Ghostbusters 3 going into production. What role do you think you could play in such a film?

RYDER: I think I’d be an additional Ghostbuster, because you have to go with the original four (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson). You can’t do it without them. I’ll be a rookie Ghostbuster. That’s cool with me.

WWE.COM: And what makes you an ideal candidate to be a Ghostbuster?

RYDER: I have the Tobin’s Spirit Guide, I know the facts and I’m always ready to bust some ghosts.


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