WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and love is in the air. Inspired by the most romantic of all the holidays, WWE.com presents this list of WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas, sure to make you swoon. See which stunning beauties and hunky heartthrobs from WWE past and present we’ve deemed as boyfriend or girlfriend material!


Dolph Ziggler

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

He has the abs. He has the moves in the ring … and he has a contract for a World Heavyweight Championship Match. Really, who has more to offer a lady than Mr. Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler?

Certainly, legions of female members of the WWE Universe wish they could have been in AJ Lee’s shoes when the two shared a passionate embrace under the mistletoe on a special Christmas Eve edition of Raw. ( WATCH)


Alicia Fox

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Before making her in-ring debut, Alicia Fox caught the attention of the entire WWE Universe when she served as wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero. The temptation to lock lips with the Foxy Floridian was too much for The Rated-R Superstar, and their steamy embrace eventually led to the downfall between Edge and Vickie. ( WATCH)

Now a formidable force in the squared circle, Fox is hoping to capture the coveted Divas Championship she held briefly in 2010. And she has no shortage of male members of the WWE Universe cheering her along the way.


Alberto Del Rio

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Suave, sophisticated and successful, Alberto Del Rio truly lives up to the lofty sobriquet “The Essence of Excellence.” Whether he’s proudly representing his Mexican heritage or impressively besting his foes in the squared circle, the first-ever Mexican-born WWE Champion and reigning World Heavyweight Champion is an appealing, popular Superstar at the top of his game.

Women love a man who’s tall, dark and handsome. Add royal bloodlines, meticulously groomed hair and championship gold and you come up with an eminently dashing and dateable Superstar. Put it this way, “The Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis commercials dreams of being Alberto Del Rio.

The only potential concern of a date with “The Essence of Excellence”? You might have to bring a friend, so it’s a double date with Ricardo Rodriguez.


AJ Lee

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

There are more than a few question marks about AJ Lee, not the least of which is the company she currently keeps ━ Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. Although she possesses pristine good looks and a girl-next-door vibe, AJ has consistently displayed extremely erratic behavior over the past year, becoming Raw’s General Manager and winning a Slammy Award for Best Kiss of the Year along the way.

There is no shortage of members of the WWE Universe who would love to win 2013 Best Kiss Slammy Award with AJ. That’s why this irrepressible little spitfire certainly makes the list of WWE’s most dateable Divas. But be warned beforehand, you’re jumping into the deep end of the pool.



WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Guys admire him and the women want him. Who is cooler than Batista? From the minute his entrance theme hits, The Animal commands attention. ( WATCH) If you’re a female looking to feel protected by your mate, Batista is your man. He’s big, he’s powerful … and he made a championship career out of wrecking his opponents.

Have we seen the last of this formidable force in WWE?



WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Kaitlyn has gone from WWE NXT hopeful with no ring experience toDivas Champion in rapid fashion. With her powerful and aggressive style, she appears well-positioned for a long reign as Divas Champ. But it’s her stunning good looks that have truly captivated countless male members of the WWE Universe.

Considering Kaitlyn is just beginning her career, it’s quite possible she could break more hearts than any Diva in history. Note to any hopeful Romeos: Kaitlyn likes mustaches. ( MORE)


The Rock

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Is it really any surprise that The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment is on this list?

After all, The Rock is a certified pop culture icon who has headlined WrestleMania, hosted “Saturday Night Live,” written a New York Times best-selling book and starred as a leading man in feature films that have grossed billions of dollars.

With a million-dollar smile, a body that Adonis would envy and a little something called the WWE Championship, it’s pretty clear The Great One isn’t just one of the most desirable, dateable Superstars ever to call the WWE home. He’s one of the biggest, most recognized, most popular celebrities on the planet. Table for two?



WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Maria is so gorgeous she could be a beauty queen. Which she was.

After a great deal of success in beauty pageants, Maria took her talents to WWE in 2004. With a runway model face and fitness model body, Maria quickly caught the attention of the WWE Universe. The 2004 Diva Search contestant turned Raw backstage interviewer turned in-ring competitor showed she was able to excel in any number of roles in sports-entertainment, and look good doing it, too.

Easily one of the most attractive Divas in WWE history, Maria is so beautiful and elegant that a date with her would be a dream for many members of the WWE (and WWE.com) Universe.


John Cena

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

You’d be hard-pressed to find any living female who doesn’t recognize John Cena’s chiseled face.

His list of accomplishment seems almost super human. Just a sampling includes: 12-time World Champion, movie star, more than 300 Make-A-Wish dreams, mug on the Post Pebbles cereal box and most recently the 2013 Royal Rumble Match winner. Oh, and he is built like a tank! Let’s face it, guys, Cena is tough to compete with in the dating arena.

Though he had a rough 2012, things are looking bright for the Cenation leader. With AJ Lee no longer in the picture, there is hope for countless female members of the WWE Universe who would love to be seen at Cena's side.


Trish Stratus

WWE’s most dateable Superstars and Divas

Trish Stratus is truly one-of-a-kind. ( CLASSIC TRISH PHOTOS)

In addition to her obvious stunning good looks, the beloved seven-time Women’s Champion proved that her in-ring wrestling was equally easy on the eyes, carving out a career in WWE that could see her remembered as the greatest WWE Diva of all time.

Radiating beauty and sex appeal, the iconic Diva of The Attitude Era has chick-kicked her way to the WWE Hall of Fame. She will be inducted into hallowed company on April 6 at Madison Square Garden. And who wouldn’t give an arm and a leg for a chance to be Trish’s date for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony? Stratusfaction guaranteed!

What do you think? Did we miss one of WWE’s most dateable Superstars or Divas? Let us know in the comments section below or on WWE’s official Facebook and Twitter!

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