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The official theme song for this year’s No Way Out, “Deadly Game,” was recorded by Canadian trio Theory of a Deadman. The track was so well received that it earned a spot on the upcoming Wreckless Intent CD, available everywhere on May 23.

Tyler Connolly, Theory of a Deadman’s vocalist and lead guitarist for the group, is a long-time WWE fan. “I’m more old school, I was a big fan of guys like Hulk Hogan, the British Bulldogs and Jake “The Snake” Roberts when I was younger,” he said. “Dean and David (bassist Dean Back and guitarist David Brenner) love WWE as well. And of course, we’re Canadian, so I loved the Hart Foundation,” Connolly said with a laugh.

While the band members are WWE fans, the deal to record a track for Wreckless Intent came about because of one of their fans. “One of the guys in the music department is a fan of our music, and requested that we do a song for WWE,” Connolly told me. “We were more than happy to oblige, and the track we came up with was Deadly Game.”

Obviously, WWE brass liked the track enough to make it the theme song for No Way Out…but what are Connolly’s thoughts? “I think it came out really well, and it’s an awesome track. The song has sort of a hip-hop feel, and we crafted it into our own style. It’s got a really cool riff, and we think it’s a kick-ass rock song, so we hope everyone likes it as much as we do.”

Connolly is proud to have the track on Wreckless Intent, but that’s not the only reason he’s looking forward to the album’s release. “I think it’s really cool to have all these songs on one compilation,” he said, “and I’m curious to hear some of the other bands’ tracks. I’m definitely going to pick it up and check it out.”

Much like many WWE Superstars, Theory of a Deadman had to work their way up the music ranks after forming in Vancouver, Canada in 2000. “We worked hard before we got signed, writing a lot of songs and jamming,” he explained. “Once we got signed we started touring and living the life, it was awesome to see our work come to life.”

So now that they’ve popped up on Wreckless Intent, Connolly hopes that Theory of a Deadman pops up on the WWE radar again in the future. “We’d love to work with WWE again, and if the opportunity arose, maybe we could do a track for Undertaker. He’s been around for a while and I’m a fan of his,” Connolly explained. “We’re called Theory of a Deadman and he IS the Deadman, so it seems like a natural fit.”

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