Familiar song included on Wreckless Intent

While WWE's latest CD, Wreckless Intent, consists of 13 brand new tracks, two familiar songs are also included on the album. Oddly enough, both songs are the entrance themes of two former Evolution members -- Batista and Randy Orton. In addition to Saliva's "I Walk Alone", Mercy Drive's "Burn in My Light" will be one of the feature tracks on the new album that will hit stores May 23.

Orton's theme song is easily one of the most recognizable songs in all of sports-entertainment, and now fans will have the chance to hear it on CD for the very first time. Even though Orton has been coming out to the song since he broke away from Evolution in 2004, this is the first time it will be out on an album.

In fact, it was his breaking away from Evolution that was the inspiration for the song.

"We took the situation Randy was in, breaking out of Evolution, and wrote the song about emerging from something -- rising up," said Jimmy McGlothlin, lead vocalist and guitar player for Mercy Drive. "We also kind of made it vague so that it applies to not only wrestling but also outside the ring situations."

Mercy Drive knew that having one of their songs as an entrance theme for a WWE Superstars would give the band a lot of exposure, but they never realized how much the fans would take to it.

"Even though he's been using it for almost two years, we still get e-mails every day about it," said Corey Lane, the band's drummer. "Now that it's being released on the record, it's definitely a good feeling."

"It's cool to get e-mails from the fans asking about the words and how to play the song. I never thought it would get as big as it has," said McGlothlin. "I knew a lot of people would hear it, but I didn't know how much they would take interest in it."

This isn't the first time Mercy Drive has worked with WWE. They were also the band that produced former WWE Superstar Maven's entrance theme, "Memory." Maven became a WWE Superstar after winning the first season of Tough Enough, and that was how WWE originally became aware of the band's work.

"Our manager knew someone at MTV, and eventually got one of our songs on Tough Enough," said Lane. "We ended up getting four or five songs on the Tough Enough show. When Maven became the winner, he used our song Memory as his song."

Lane, McGlothlin and Jake Beard started out with a band called Big Mother Thruster that was originally signed with Maverick Records. According to Lane, things didn't work out well with Maverick. After a few member changes it was down the three current members of the band. Since then, they've been doing things on their own.

"We've been pretty much self-promoting, self-managing, self-everything since 2002," said Lane. "That seems to be working pretty well. Since leaving Maverick, we've had more success on our own. It's nice being in control. For a while we felt pretty out of control about getting songs out there and getting them recorded."

While with Big Mother Thruster, they had a song on the first Tough Enough soundtrack. But now, Mercy Drive is excited to be a part of the Wreckless Intent CD.

"It's something we recorded, we produced, we wrote start to finish. So, it's pretty amazing to be on the album," said Lane. 

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