Brand New Sin meets Big Show

Before watching Big Show demolish Tommy Dreamer in the ring on ECW on Sci Fi this past Tuesday night, the band Brand New Sin were able to catch up with Big Show to discuss their new version of his theme song "Crank It Up" and just shoot the breeze. While Big Show obviously enjoyed their take on his entrance song theme they couldn't help but notice how big Show really is when the world's largest athlete stood next to them.

"You feel about the size of a five-year old kid," said lead vocalist Joe Altier. "I don't know how he sits in normal chairs without breaking them."

Kenny Dunham, rhythm guitarist and lifelong wrestling fan adds, "There are really no words to describe it. You kind of want to jump on his back and have him slam you through the table," he joked.

While intentionally being the recipient of a Big Show choke slam may not be the best idea, Brand New Sin's revamped version of Show's entrance theme does seem to mirror the new, angrier approach that's emerged since he left WWE for ECW.

 "The new version (of "Crank It Up") has more attitude. We slowed it down, it's darker. Now that he's in ECW and his whole persona is changing, it's the perfect time for the music to change as well," Altier said.

Brand New Sin's "Crank It Up" can be found exclusively on WWE: Wreckless Intent, out now in CD stores everywhere, or at WWE Shop.

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