Meet the hit maker in The Prime Time Players’ corner

Meet the hit maker in The Prime Time Players’ corner
The Prime Time Players may have the fast-talking A.W. acting as their representation, but they also have the support of a quick linguist of another kind: Woo Child. The rap artist behind the Players' entrance theme "Move (Get It In),” Woo Child says he is solidly in the corner of Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. ( WOO CHILD'S WEBSITE)

"Prime Time Players all day," the Flint, Mich.-born emcee said with a proud chuckle in a recent interview with "Those Prime Time Players got that swing, they're coming for the millions of dollars and that's all there is to it. Woo Child's got their backs."

Woo Child, whose latest album, "Anywhere," was just released on iTunes, has followed O'Neil since the arrogant powerhouse began using "Move (Get It In)" as his entrance music on WWE NXT. Once O'Neil paired with Young and the team moved to SmackDown, curiosity in the song spiked, Woo Child noted, saying “Twitter went crazy.” He’s closely watched their ascent up the tag standings ever since.

"I just got really excited," he said. "I've loved watching Titus and Darren’s progression and hopefully they win the Tag Team Titles."

Though O’Neil and Young are the first Superstars to use his music, Woo Child is far from a stranger to the mat game. A former high school wrestler and a WWE fan from childhood, he was followed Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant and fellow Michiganders Rick & Scott Steiner growing up.

Raised 45 minutes outside Detroit, Woo Child was naturally influenced by Motown and R&B. With his songs already used by sports brands such as the Los Angeles Lakers and the MLB Network, the fast-rising rap artist describes his music as fun and upbeat.

“It has that energy that people respond to, and when people hear it, it goes along with the high-energy, high-impact feeling that a sport brings,” he said.

Just don’t expect Woo Child to switch allegiances any time soon. If he had the opportunity to perform his music for any Superstar at WrestleMania, he said he’d stick with his “home team” of O’Neil and Young.

“They gave me the first opportunity and I can’t see myself turning my back on the people who gave me the opportunity just for somebody who has a bigger name at the time,” Woo Child said. He added, “I think if given the shot, Darren and Titus can be household names as well."

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