Friday nights ‘Let It Roll'

Friday nights ‘Let It Roll'

When millions of members of the WWE Universe tuned into the "Decade of SmackDown" celebration, they were treated to a brand-new track at the kick off of the Friday special. It was Divide the Day's hard-hitting "Let It Roll," and it is the new official theme song for Friday Night SmackDown. (LISTEN)

"It seems like it's a perfect fit. It's great," said the song's producer, Mark Needham, a Los Angeles-based music industry veteran.

"We were really excited about the song and we hoped we could find a home for it," Needham said. "Actually, I worked with some other bands that had songs with WWE. We were really excited that WWE was interested."

Needham is sure the WWE Universe will welcome Divide the Day and the addition of "Let It Roll" to SmackDown.

"I think this will really connect [Divide The Day] with a lot of who their fanbase is. I know all the guys in the band are really big fans of WWE and really connect with that audience," he explained.

In addition to up-and-comers Divide the Day, Needham collaborated with Sick Puppies on "You're Going Down" (2009's Extreme Rules) and Cobra Starship on "Church of Hot Addiction" (2007's Great American Bash).

"Standalone, they're really great songs that voice some of the sentiments that really … build up the excitement before a match. They're building that kind of excitement and intensity which WWE obviously invokes in its fans."

Needham taps into his decades of experience and expertise as a producer, mixer, engineer and musician, and delivers when it comes to giving the WWE Universe what they want hear on WWE programming. He's worked with artists such as The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Isaak, Michelle Branch, and recently 3OH!3 on the smash hit "Starstrukk."

"I've done a wide variety of stuff," he said. "I tend to gravitate toward high-energy rock production. Hopefully what I'm doing with bands like Sick Puppies and Divide the Day will connect with some other people.

"I basically just try to take what the bands are doing and make it bigger," he said. "I'm a small cog in a machine that's already rolling! I just help steer them in the right direction."

And, WWE Universe, don't be surprised to hear more from Needham and Divide the Day in the near future. (Here's a clue: One of your favorite SmackDown Superstars may soon have a brand new theme song courtesy of this dynamic partnership!)

"I'm just about to jump into listening to the song and listen to arrangements and hook up with the band to put our heads together in the next day or two and try to come up with something big and rocking," he hinted.

Until then, the WWE Universe can listen to Divide the Day's "Let It Roll" every Friday night at 8/7 CT on SmackDown.

"I hope they like our song. I hope they like our band and we'll keep trying to make great rock songs that hopefully inspire some of the WWE fans."

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