Saliva returns with WM23 theme song

Saliva returns with WM23 theme song

WWE fans should prepare for another aural assault by the band Saliva, as their new single, "Ladies and Gentlemen," has been named an official theme song of WrestleMania 23.

"That's what we wrote it for. We wrote it for our friends at WWE," Saliva frontman Josey Scott told

Saliva and WWE aren't exactly strangers, anyway. The band's track on WWE: Wreckless Intent -- "I Walk Alone" -- is Batista's SmackDown theme song. "Always" was the WrestleMania X8 theme, which the band performed live at the event in 2002. Saliva tracks have been used for several other WWE live events and Superstar entrances.

The Memphis, Tenn., heavy-hitters' fifth album, Blood Stained Love Story, hits stores Tuesday. It's their first release since 2004's Survival of the Sickest. The band is kicking off a tour with an album release party at the House of Blues in Las Vegas this month. Scott promised fans won't be let down by their latest Island Records album.

"It's what our fans have come to know and love about us, but it's also the next level. We always write about what's going on in our lives and what's happening. That's why I named this album Blood Stained Love Story," Scott said, emphasizing how much has happened within Saliva since '04.

"I did some acting. A bunch of us got married. A bunch of us got divorced. A couple of us had babies. A couple of us had funerals," Scott said. "So we've been through pretty much every range of emotion I guess a human being can go through in the past two years, so it's about that. It's a really, really honest record."

Scott took a moment to reflect upon Saliva's contribution to WWE: Wreckless Intent, saying it was a pleasure to craft Batista's theme.

"I loved doing that song. It was the first song for WWE that I got to study Batista and study his character, then got to write something true to his persona," Scott said. "I got to write something and put it in my own words, and I was really pleased with it. Every time he comes out and all that pyro goes off, I just jump up and down on my feet."

While Saliva has worked with many WWE Superstars, Scott hopes the band can create a song for one more -- Triple H.

"I'd like to do something for The Game," Scott said. "I really like his character and what he does. I think we could write something really cool for him."

During upcoming live shows WWE fans might be in for a treat. The band doesn't often play WWE-related tunes live, but Scott said he'd like to.

"They just never popped up in the set list. We have a lot of songs our fans expect to hear. But I wouldn't be opposed to putting some of those into set, I love those songs," Scott said.

Finally, Scott wanted WWE fans to know Saliva has officially returned, and they're here to stay, especially since "Ladies and Gentlemen" is a WrestleMania 23 theme.

"We're back. This album is brutal. The fans are going to love it. It goes down easy with everything WWE is about. It's definitely the f****** SmackDown!"

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