Michelle McCool measures up her competition

Michelle McCool measures up her competition

With the release of WWE The Music: Vol. 7 exclusively on iTunes, WWE fans are seeing a unique selection of entrance themes of their favorite WWE & ECW Superstars.

SmackDown Diva Michelle McCool is one of the many Superstars to see their entrance theme music appear on the exclusive album. "Not Enough For Me" is the title of the melody, and McCool is excited for the opportunity to be included on the album.

McCool said that she is, "proud of her music," adding, "I think the title speaks for itself. ‘Not Enough For Me.' Whoever is in that ring, they are not enough for me, and they can't handle me."

Michelle McCool also says while the title is defining, "the beat is great, too." She continued, "It's got that sound you can't help but tap your feet to."

"Not Enough For Me" also has very personal meaning to McCool, who as one of the Sexiest Women on Television is sure to get lots of offers from potential suitors. Not so fast boys -- McCool herself assures that her entrance theme is also a lifestyle philosophy. "I like to think of myself as a class act," she said, "and there are very few guys that meet all of my qualifications."

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